Create sign-based bartering shops. Each sign can sell one type of item and collect many different types of items for payment. Signs are simple to setup and quite self explanatory.  A guide for use is built into the sign itself.  For your convenience, it is also available here.
  • Player owned sign shops that deal in items.
  • Sell a specific amount of 1 item for a specified amount of multiple items.
  • Intuitive, command-less sign interface. (ActionMenu API)
  • Signs are indestructible.
  • Signs drop items upon being broken (by the owner).
  • NO reliance on ANY economy plugin.
  • Shop Face (default) -- shows purchase quantity and item being sold.
  • Instructions -- left click to view
  • Stock -- click to add, crouch-click to remove
  • Payment  -- with item in hand, click to increase payment quantity, crouch-click to decrease payment quantity
    • you can accept multiple forms of payment by using simply changing the item in your hand
  • Stack Size  -- click to increase , crouch-click to decrease
  • Destroy Shop -- destroying sign on this option will destroy the shop
  • Collect Revenue -- left click to collect revenue
How to buy:
  1. The sign displays quantity and the item for sale.
  2. Right click to see items usable for payment.
  3. Left Click with payment item in hand to buy.
Create a new shop:

Shop Creation
  1. Create a sign with the first line reading: [barter]
  2. Left click on sign with item to be sold.
Shop Config
  • Right-clicking scrolls through Options
  • Left-click to change Options such as increasing quantities or stocking
  • Crouching and left-clicking will decrease quantities or remove stock.


There is a bug that will strip off the enchantments.
Our development team will be updating this plugin in the near future.