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Daily Happenings

There is never a dull day here on RavenKraft!
Here are just a few moments we'd like to share of the fun we get up to
on a regular basis!

Horsing Around!

I finally taught LindseyPhantom and chachi_6789 how to use theoubre's pony speed machine!

theoubre's Pony speed track and jumping test area is situated in The Oasis!

Hop on a horse and ride on down to try it out!

January 13th 2015
- ShenaniganSophie

Ghasper the unfriendly Ghast!

_Micky_Mack_, theoubre and TheWanderingFool recently decided it was a great idea to catch a ghast.
Most would give up. Not these boys!
The Nether turned into a very dangerous place while the guys worked hard on capturing Ghasper!
After a few Ghastly Death, (Get it...?)
they were able to capture him and show him off proudly in the Mob Museum!
January 22nd 2015
- ShenaniganSophie

Images provided by LindseyPhantom and wizardofire
Page edited by ShenaniganSophie