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This gallery features some images from various events that were hosted on the server.
Or if you'd rather have a look at some of the day to day things we get up to, view our Daily Happenings Gallery!
Christmas and New Year 2014/15
Santa visited Ravenkraft this year in the form of wizardofire with a present for every player on the server!
Of course his elfs; Rottorz, ShenaniganSophie and mycroft53 were all hard at work as well, providing the 5 Star wither fight, The Christmas Present Courtyard Raffle and the firework display!

Ender Dragon Fights May/Aug/Sept/Dec 2014
A group of adventurers head off into the distance unbeknownst to the dangers that may lie ahead!

Hosted by Bonerus, The gingerbread village was a contest
we held from christmas till the new year.
Members on the server joined together in building in a
small snowy hilltop between Rushmore and Desovar (Spawn).

Winning the Contest was Stalin77 and Charity for both exterior and interior and Morius67 and Nightcloak27 for their pixel art.

The Walls PVP Survival Minigame
At the beginning of the game you start in one of the 4 corners with your team. 
You will have as long as the timer displays to gather supplies and craft tools or even set traps for unsuspecting players.

When the timer is up all of the walls will descend revealing all area's to everyone.
Using the supplies they have collected, the teams aim is to survive and take out the other teams. The last person standing claims victory for them self and their team mates!

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