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The War Zone


To win, your army must be best prepared for battle.  Plan sieges, build outposts, and loot the enemy bases.  The winner is declared when all bases have been captured by one army or all other army's members have left the War Zone.

Rules of War

1.   Stage-specific Rules Changes
  • The War zone changes default server rules #1, #2, #6, #7 and #9.  These are the rules concerning theft, griefing, territory and PvP.  These rules are redefined under War Zone Stages (right).  Those caught violating the War Zone rules will be removed from the event.
  • Those who leave the War Zone during battle (Open War stage) will not be permitted to re-enter until the current battle is finished.  This includes the use of portals. Portals are not permitted within the boundary of the War Zone.
2.   Equipment and Supplies
  • Participants are allowed to bring building materials and equipment during the Build and Setup stage.  
  • Enchanted weapons and armor are not permitted within the zone until after the Open War stage starts.  
  • Neither potions nor grinders are permitted within the boundary of the War Zone.  Potions will be permitted in a future version of the rules, but not this one.
3.   The Warforge
  • Non-participant, wandering traders are permitted to pass in and out of the War Zone during Open War.  However, these traders are not exempt from from highwaymen.  Let the seller beware!
  • The Warforge faction is building a shopping district directed at War Zone participants.  It is not accessible during the Open War stage.
4.   Boundaries & Spies
  • The War Zone itself is defined by Factions-designated "Warzone - Not a safe place to be."  There should also be a small wall built by the time the event starts.
  • Claim to territory is announced by the clearly-built outer limit of a defensive structure and extends in a vertical column above and below that boundary.   I.e.:  walls, a moat, towers, etc.   
    • Other factions may not modify blocks outside a snow-ball throw away from this boundary except during Open War.  
    • Spies: A spy  is defined as someone within this border during the Build and Setup and Battle Suspended stages. Spies may not initiate combat.  Dead spies have no claim to their drops.
5.    Structure Types & Flags

There are four types of buildings in the War Zone.  Army-owned buildings should place flags above ground and be visible from the ground.  Flags are constructed of that army's colors of their own designs.  Flags must be made from wool.
  • Home Base - Each army is allowed one of these.  The flag must be 4x4 in size.
  • Outposts - Each army gets two of these maximum.  The flag must be 3x3 in size.
  • Neutral - Neutral buildings are exempt from griefing and theft.  These are designated by the server admin only.
  • Ruins - Sacked outposts and bases can either become ruins or outposts.  An invading army cannot claim past the maximum owned structures.  If not claimed, the structure should be made unusable by others.  
6.   Capture & Winning
  • A fortification is considered lost when its flag is razed and the invading army declares the structure captured.
    • The claim to the new structure must be announced to the referee.
  • When the only buildings with flags are all the same flag, the battle is over and the winner is declared.
    • The referee will announce the winner.  

Current Status: Between Events -- stay tuned

Please revisit this page to see status and rule changes.  
Any major changes will be announced 

Warzone Stages:
  • Build and Setup
    • Initial stage of each event:  All participants should build a main base and two outposts.  During this time, all regular server rules apply with these exceptions: PvP is authorized when caught spying.  Spies may not initiate combat.  Dead spies have no claim to their drops.
  • Open War
    • At an announced time, the event will start and rules concerning theft and griefing will not apply within the zone.   Spawn-killing is still against the rules.  Leaving the War Zone during this time will result in dismissal from the event.
  • Battle Suspended
    • At an announced or agree-upon time, battle operations may be halted.  This is to allow the event to continue into another real-world day without providing an unfair edge to those in other time-zones.  PvP is authorized when caught spying.
  • Battle Won
    • after a winner is declared, all default server rules apply.

The Referee

Before each battle starts, a referee will be designated.  The referee will be invisible and able to fly.  Anyone violating the event rules can be removed by the referee.  The referee will use WarZoneReferee as his/her nickname during the event.

Voice Chat

All participants should use voice chat accessible to the referee OR be responsive within in-game chat, if contacted.  Players not using voice chat with their teammates will be at a serious disadvantage.