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Roles, Ranks & Rewards

In order to progress the server's economy and organize players, Ravenkraft employs incentives for participation through the use of ranks and tokens.  This page explains how you can earn these rewards and what each of them do.



- Miner - provides minerals and common resources to the market

Qualifier - establishes regular mineral exchanges in the auction house, with a merchant or is themself, a merchant  

- Farmer - provides food to the markets

Qualifier - establishes regular yield exchanges in the auction house, with a merchant or is themself, a merchant  

- Collector - attain rare resources from various place and make available to merchants

Qualifier - establishes regular materials exchanges in the auction house, with a merchant or is themself, a merchant  

- Merchant - receives and resells goods to other players.  Items stored in shops makes large projects feasible in survival play.

Qualifier - establishes a shop and maintains stock

I.e: - Grocery, Rare Materials, Wool, Machines, Redstone, Explosives, Tools, Adventure Store, General Goods, Auctioneer                 

- Builder - players interested in creation and architecture

Qualifier - contracted guild builder, regular participant in group builds

- Engineer - Redstone and explosives experts

Qualifier - provides machine and blast services in the marketplaces

- Transportation

Qualifier - Build and/or maintain transportation infrastructure such as roads, rails and portal networks.

- Storyteller

            Qualifier - Build an adventure world worthy or instancing and replay-ability.


- Mayor - city/faction leaders and organizers

Qualifier - establishes a city/faction with at least 5 active members

- Foreman - lead during coop build projects

Qualifier - leads a group project on scale with the hanging gardens or greater with the help of at least 5 other players.

- Warlord - lead in a war zone as a coordinator or leader

Qualifier - lead a team of 3 in a transportation project

Qualifier - lead a team of 5 in a war zone event.

- Guild master - run a player guild.  guilds bring players together from different factions for coop play.

Qualifier - creates a successful, operating guild

  • Level 0
    • Scout (PVP world default)
    • Resident (Survival/White-list Default)
  • Level I
    • Member - Fulfills at least one role (described above) successfully.
  • Level II
    • Worker - Fulfills at least three regular roles successfully.
    • Leader - Fulfills at least two leadership roles successfully.
  • Level III
    • Trusted - Active players with 3 months of infraction-free play will earn this rank
  • Level IV
    • Moderator - Trusted, helpful players who are interested in doing so will be offered the role of Moderator.  This role will be offered as needed, at the server admin's discretion. 
    • Creator - Use creative mode to build in the adventure worlds.  Requires Trusted or Supporter Rank + Nomination by Mods/Admin based on quality of builds current produced in game 
  • Level 0
    • Resident (Starter Default)
  • Level I
    • Contributor - Donates $5 or more to the server 
  • Level II
    • Donator - Donates $15 or more to the server 
  • Level III
    • Supporter - Donates $30 or more toget  the server