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Moderator Rules

Main Rules listing can be found on the About page.

Moderators on Ravenkraft are players just like everyone else.  The main difference is that when a player is in need, the moderators will lend a hand.  With power, comes responsibly and unfortunately, the potential for abuse.  These rules are meant to curb such problems.

1.    When in Need
    • Mod privileges such as warps, flying and item spawning should be used only to help out players. When not acting as a mod, they should play the same as regular players.
2.    Tools
    • Commands like Thor's hammer, slaps and others special tools are meant primarily for enforcing server rules.
    • While these are often used for a little light-hearted fun between friends, they are not for everyone and can be revoked.
3.    Abuse
    • Moderators caught abusing their powers will lose Mod privileges and if severe enough, access to the server.