There are multiple ways to give back to the server.  Donators get some special perks (which do not change gameplay mechanics) and any player can vote for the server and obtain tokens.  These tokens can be used to buy ad slots, map markers and some super-rare items.

Why Donate?

Donations help keep the sever running. Your donations make it possible for us to run all our servers without breaking the bank.

Donators get a customized tag; let's call it a title, in place of your regular serve rank.  It will show in purple and must be between 2 and 6 characters.  Of course, you cannot choose anything vulgar or inappropriate.  Some acceptable examples are: Joker, Master, Goof, Super, Duke, Prez, Serf

In addition to the custom tag, donators get the ability to hide and show themselves on the Dynamic map.  This is done using /dynmap hide and /dynmap show.  

You can donate here.

"Don" theoubre
"Hacker" mycroft53
"Josh" AnUnhappyPickle
"Rot" Rottorz
"Winner" allcapsoff
"Drunk" sybercid
"Heart" Lady_Purpleheart
"Herder" ShenaniganSophie
 "Builder" Kalroo

Raven Tokens

They aren't really ravens.  That’s just what we call them.  They are bat eggs.  We picked this item because there really isn't any easy way to abuse them.  All you can do with them is make bats!  But since they will only exist because you get them from voting, we can give them other special purposes.

Vote on MCSL - Vote on PMC - Vote on

Announcer Ads

You have probably seen the shop and server ads that pop up every 15 minutes.  What you may not know is that anyone can make one.  In the future, this will be enabled by a plugin, but for now we are just doing it by hand.  Just email or pm wizardofire in game about your ad and pay the 5 tokens.  Your ad should not be longer than 80 characters especially since the best ads are short anyway.  Once established, there will be a renewal process for keeping the ads up, but for now they are indefinitely.

Dynmap Markers

You can also use the tokens to have large builds and/or landmarks labeled on the dynmap using dynmap markers.  This costs 15 tokens.  If you would like your city featured on the dynmap, that is free.  In either case, email wizard and you can pay the tokens in-person.

Super Rare Items

Now this last use for tokens may be seen as controversial, but there is a reason.  I won’t bore you with the details but the short of it is that these items are nearly impossible to get or are limited in number, packed ice especially since the only way to obtain it is to “Scar the landscape (rule #2).”  These items are made to be rather expensive to make up for this.  Anyone can obtain them this way and it won’t negatively affect the economy.

Also, there is nothing keeping anyone from buying or selling tokens in their shops or using them to create a cave full of bats. Here is the full list of uses for tokens: