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Alpha Centauri PvP

The server rules state that PvP in the survival world (also known as Alpha Centauri IV) must be voluntary or as Leirnor has put it, "if one does not want, two shall not fight."  It took a long time to happen but now have some people that are interested in some friendly,  sportsman-like PVP.  We have developed some rules to keep it that way.  

The current "war" is between RVNPC and Void Empires( West and East) but these rules extend to anyone participating in group PvP in the the regular survival world until otherwise specified.
  1. Players must be willing to fight.
  2. Enemies should be declared using factions commands.  I.e.: /f enemy 
  3. Upon death the winner must place the loser's belongings in a chest or return them personally.  Items lost should be replaced by agreed upon, equivalent value.
  4. By wearing a pink leather cap, a player is stating that they do not currently wish to participate.  This is only necessary if you are already stated to be participating.
  5. You may not use lava or TNT to fight.
  6. No greifing or using factions to claim vulnerable land.  
  7. Ravenport and The End are neutral ground. Battles in the nether should be OK assuming rule #3 is followed.  (This is as to say if someone starts a fight in the nether but destroys someones items by accident, they are required to replace them.)
  8. Dropped players heads are the property of the person who earned the head.
não participam



  1. Jogadores optar pelo PVP
  2. Inimigos devem ser declarados. através do plugin faction ex: /f enemy
  3. Em caso de Morte o jogador que matar, deve guardar os item do morto em um baú e/ou os devolver .diretamente para o dono. Em caso de perda dos items, os mesmos devem ser ressarcidos ou pagos em valor equivalente.
  4. Em quanto se utiliza Um Capacete de Couro Rosa Você está declaradamente fora do PVP. Isso é necessário caso você já tenha concordado em participar do PVP.
  5. Você não pode utilizar Lava ou TNT nas lutas.
  6. Não grife ou use /f claim em terras vulneráveis.
  7. Ravenporte e o The End são locais Neutros. Batlhas no Nether são permitidas porem seguindo a regra #3( caso você destrua na lava os item de alguem deverá pagar novos).
  8. As Cabeças dropadas durante a morte são propriedade de quem matou.