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Rankings & Groups

In an effort to keep the server open, yet secure, a ranking system has been introduced.  

  • Default level cannot build, only has the ability to look around.
  • Initiates have most permissions, but cannot hide themselves on the dynmap or create shops.  
  • Magic, parties, iConomy access, chest locking (LWC), skills & abilities all come with this access level.
  • To become an Initiate, one must read and agree to the rules either in game, or on the forum.
  • Residency allows for shop creation and dynmap commands in addition to all initate-level privileges.
  • Promotion to Resident will happen when a player "earns his keep."
  • Many newcomers appear to be griefers or immature players and so this step is unfortunately neccesary.  
  • Veterans are trusted residents who are allowed to construct wormholes along with all other resident permissions.
  • Moderators have many abilities and can help others in time of need. 
  • Four00100 is the server admin.