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    These commands are available only to world members. exceptions: /who and /rules.
    /help - get in-game help
    /list or /online or /who - show players currently online.
    /msg <target> <msg> - send a private message. pm works too.
    /home - do to home location (multiworld supported)
    /home sethome - set home for current world

    /lwc - protection commands list
    /cremove - remove a protection (unlock)
    /cinfo - get information about a protected block
    /cprivate - lock a block
    cpassword - password protect a lock
    /compass - get compass reading
    /dial <gatename> - dial a gate manually
    /dynmap show|hide - show or hide self on dynmap
    /mute <player> - silence an annoying person
    /thisbiome - find current biome type
    /time - get current time
    /unmute <playername> - unmute a player.
    /unstuck - get unstuck
    /whereami - get compass, current world and position info
    /wxlist - list all wormholes

    skills & abilities
    /mcmmo - displays a description of the leveling plugin, mcMMO.
    /mmc - shows all mcmmo commands
    /stats - shows your stats
    /party <partyname> - create/join a party
    /party q - leave the current party
    /p - toggle part chat
    /invite <player> - invite a player to your party
    /accept - accept a party invite.

    /money - check your balance
    /money pay <player> <amount> - pay another player
    /mobbounty or /mb - check bounties calculated based upon your current environment
    /mapclone <mapnumber> - clone a map for 25 Rupees
    /vs sell <amount> <item> <price> - list an item on the virtualshop market
    /vs list - look at current listings on the virtualshop market
    /vs - see other commands for virtualshop

    /flypermit get - buy a flying permit
    /cast list - get list of spells
/v help or /vampire help - vampire commands 
    /cast <spell> - cast a spell