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About This Server

This server is no longer online, but its documentation resides here for legacy reasons.  It was a 1.7 server running many plugins.  It was my first experiment in running a minecraft server. 


Minecraft is great, but parts of it are still incomplete.  To make up for this, we have chosen a set of plugins that we believe are of significant quality and will stay updated in future updates. The use of overhaul plugins is discouraged unless they are balanced, full-featured and well maintained.

I like to bring new functionality to the server, and I try to stay away from command-line intensive plugins for users.  If there is a block-driven version, it will likely be chosen over the command-line version (e.g.: BlueTelepads vs. Cakeport)  Of course, not everything can be done this way, but that is how new plugins are chosen.

#1    Build cities and transportation networks.

#2   Create a player-driven economy.

#3   Setup player objectives: dungeons, quests, etc.

#4   Setting up PVP rules and objectives.

#5   Have Fun!!!