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Ravenkraft 1.3 Sandbox

posted Jul 31, 2012, 7:58 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated Jul 31, 2012, 8:04 PM by Félix De Portu ]
It is unlikely that bukkit will be updating tomorrow along with Minecraft. =(

I know many of us have really been anticipating this new update so rather than making everyone wait, I am giving everyone a few options.  There won't be a  transitionary world like before.  Instead,  I will just run a separate server apart from regular Ravenkraft. 

I am calling it Ravenkraft Sandbox.  Items you collect in this world can be brought back to regular Ravenkraft.  I will not be bringing back buildings, just a one-shot move of your personal inventory when regular Ravenkraft does update to 1.3. This should help make up for the lack of emeralds in our world.  The server cap will go back up when we are done running this alternate server. 

Here are instructions for switching back and forth from 1.2.5 and 1.3:

Download Minecraft 1.2.5 JAR - Use this file to revert back and play on regular Ravenkraft.
Download Minecraft 1.3 JAR - This is the same file that will be offered in tomorrow's update.  Use this file to get onto the Ravenkraft Sandbox.

Sandbox Server Address:


You may need to rename this file to minecraft.jar if your browser renames the file during the download.

Windows Instructions:
1. Press the windows key and the 'R' key together to bring up the Run Prompt. (This is also the search bar on the Windows 7 start menu)
2. Type %appdata% into the run prompt and press enter. This will open the Application Data or equivalent folder on your computer.
3. Open the '.minecraft' folder. Then open the 'bin' folder.
4. Find 'minecraft.jar'. It may be labeled as just 'minecraft' , but described as a JAR file.
5. Delete (or backup/rename) 'minecraft.jar'.
6. Place the downloaded file into this folder, replacing the one that was just deleted.

Macintosh Instructions
1. Open
2. Click “Go” in menubar
3. Then choose “Go to folder…”
4. Type in “~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/bin” (without quotes)
5. Replace minecraft.jar with the one provided above.

Notes about switching and upgrading:

To update again at a later time, from the Minecraft launcher select Options > Force Update.
After doing this if you wish to keep 1.1 and go back and forth between 1.1 and 1.2, create a backup of your minecraft.jar in 1.1 or 1.2 state in a seperate folder or renamed(via copy/paste)
  • how to:
    • Use three different minecraft.jar files: two backups and one to be used. Name the old version minecraft12.jar, the new new version minecraft13.jar and your active file must be minecraft.jar. 
    • Note: these first two file names could be anything. You are just changing the name to keep track of which is which.
    • To switch back and forth, just copy the version you want to use over top of your minecraft.jar. To do this, delete your minecraft.jar and copy the version you wish to use and rename the copy to minecraft.jar
If something goes wrong and you hose your installation, just delete the entire bin folder and relaunch minecraft. It will automatically update it to 1.2.5