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News 2015 Week 4

posted Jan 21, 2015, 3:49 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated Jan 21, 2015, 6:18 PM by Félix De Portu ]
Welcome to all our new residents!
  • Vixiiim

  • Cavaleer

  • TheUberkitty

  • StormD3sign

  • Kalroo

  • Sweetrol

  • gaborene

  • Foxwrangler

  • grammacath

  • iHuggles

  • Big__RED

  • pumpernickelsguy

  • ShenaniganSophie (“Silence is golden, but talkativity is how I roll.”)

  • allcapsoff

  • CyclopsUK

  • darkstarlock

  • HarleyHyena

  • Meimeismiles

  • Zidka

  • HokeySpokey

  • felixdeportu

  • yeserodval

  • giovancasa

  • Skylarke

  • Cistian_extox

  • Plus_Designs

  • sunshinegrl123

  • Fishy_07

  • ZombieChicken611

  • MCorgano

  • yams4lunch

  • “Factions” without Factions

    Ravenkraft, like any online community or mass of people, is bound to naturally subdivide itself into smaller groups. On old Ravenkraft, we used the Factions plugin to make this happen for claimed areas. We have since decided to stop using that plugin since it painted our community as PvP-centric, even though that is not the case -- at all. Instead, we’ve amended the rules about land claims in a way that makes us much more vanilla-esque. Of course, we still have subdivided ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we don’t all still hang out in TeamSpeak together but it still leaves us open to friendly rivalries in the marketplace or during server events. For now, lets just call them “organizations.” You can call yours whatever you want. You can identify as a commune,  a state or a “loose conglomerate of autonomous republics.” They can overlap, have parent and child entities, or whatever. The one thing that you really should do is decide upon any rules specific to your lands, and make an attempt to mark your land using signs or banners. This will help significantly with any disputes that could happen. Just remember, your faction rules cannot contradict the base rules. Here are the “organizations” that are well known on the server today:

    The Archean Empire - Stalin_77, Mattfu, AlbinoAwesome, smkerr, Ivanthecur, Rock999

    The Clandestine Collective* - bonerus, wizardofire, TheWanderingFool, _Micky_Mack_, theoubre

    The Hermitage - Morius67, Nightcloak

     * - not terribly clandestine in all obvious truth

    Recent and Future Events

            Valentine's Day Giveaway and End Reset

    On or around Valentine's Day weekend (keep an eye on server advertisements for updates), we are planning to have another raffle outside Rot Tower, during which players will have the chance to win special Valentines (<3) courtesy of Sophie and Rot. We are also going to be resetting the End a few times, so prepare for epic Ender Dragon fights, tons of experience, and an all-around good time!

    5-Star Wither Fight Raffle

    On Saturday, January 3rd, we fought 5 Wither-bosses as a group. You can watch the full video here in all its beautiful chaos. Thanks to RyanPhantom for your work on the video, and thanks to Rottorz and Sophie for supplying the prizes.

    Gingerbread House Competition Winners

    The results are in! Thank you for everyone who participated in this holiday event. The village looks great and everyone had fun building. Stalin_77 and Charity won for both the interior and exterior design on their Peppermint Palace, while Morius & Nightcloak took the prize for their Grinch on the pixel art portion of the competition.

    The War Zone Event

    There have been whispers about another Warzone event in the near future. The Warzone is a minigame, in-server PvP event restricted to a predetermined, marked-off area on the server. Teams form, build a base and then, at an agreed-upon day, a battle will ensue. It is completed voluntary, and no one has any obligation to join. This game was thought up for those that wanted to PvP on a non-Pvp server. If you would like to participate in such an event, start getting prepared and keep and eye out for the announcement. If you would like more information, please check this page.

    Landmark Builds

    Just a few of the monuments that have gone up since Zothique’s inception.  If you would like your build featured here, let us know!  Tell a mod or wizard himself.  

    Rot Tower
    Bones’ Castle
    Eiffel Tower
    The Oasis
    Omar Tower
    The Hermatige Orb
    Sher Refounded
    The Desovar Expansion

    Around Ravenkraft: A look at some of Zothique's thriving regions

    • Aradia: RyanPhantom’s small town located at 1985, 1985 (BTTF reference) where build styles collide

    • Archean Empire:

      • Sher

    • Desovar: The sprawling region around spawn, divided into districts based on build style

      • Castle District: Northeastern area composed of castle/Medieval builds, most notably Bonez’ epic castle

      • Industrial District: Northwestern area dedicated to auto-farms, redstone machines, and factory builds

      • Park District: Northern area of spawn consisting of sparse builds and open terrain

      • Rainbow District: Central/southern city focused on commerce and rainbows

      • Twin Pines: A small town located just west of Rainbow District established as a starting point for new players

    • Elysium: Morphalias’ southern region build off the Great Southern railway.

    • Emerald City: Omar’s bustling trade city just north of Desovar

    • Kakariko Village: Omar’s recreation of the familiar town featured in The Legend of Zelda series

    • Gingerbread Village: Holiday-themed town founded by Bonez and featured in a New Year’s build contest

    • Hermitage: Morius and Nightcloak’s unique and impressive area

    • Narita: A rural village founded by Wiz surrounded by vast stretches of wheat fields and pumpkin patches

    • Rushmore: A small town east of Desovar founded by Bonez focused on wooden homes.

    • Paxis: Mycroft’s remote “elephant” peninsula to the far east

    • The Oasis: theoubre’s intricate desert town immediately south of spawn. Home to Ravenkraft’s first horse testing site.

    • Zanjero: Kalroo’s inspired town just north of Emerald City

    • Cangregas: felixdeportu’s Very new expansion south of Elysium off of the Great Southern railway.

    This Last Year In Review, A
    Timeline of Events

    Since the last news post, there have been happenings and we’ve used Facebook to share that.  Here is a recap.

    Oct ‘13
    • Ouroboros Discovered (1.7 update)
    • This new world was created for existing members and new applications were suspended due to having no way to otherwise protect the server.
    Dec ‘13
    Feb ‘14
    • Seed Corruption Kills the Snake The world was not lost, just the seed, which meant the server could no longer grow correctly off of the existing generation.  New protections were put into place and backups now run four times per day.
    May ‘14
    Jun ‘14
    • A & O Migration Server
      A plan was determined for saving the old worlds:  Existing members would be allowed to import their old builds.
    • Zothique World Directives: Grinder Rules & Land Claims
    Aug ‘14
    Sep ‘14
    Nov ‘14
    Dec ‘14