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News 2013 Week 3

posted Jan 31, 2013, 7:28 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated Jan 31, 2013, 7:28 PM by Félix De Portu ]
Welcome to all our new residents!
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Bandit Roads

A new feature is coming to Ravenkraft!  Since we don't believe in warps and teleports, long distance transportation is often tedious and hindering to economic and social activities.  To combat this and further promote PvP, new portal routes are planned between the worlds of Zeal and Alpha Centauri IV (the survival world).  Faraway lands like NPC, Midgardr, Elysium, TAR and the unimproved territories are all good candidates for destinations.  These routes would take a player thru a potentially dangerous but short road in Zeal but would be much quicker than rail or road transport through other means.  If you are interested in having a bandit road near your territory, please let wizardofire know.  Keep in mind that scouts would not have access to your territory since they aren't able to travel to AC4.

Notable Builds & Events

The Titan Project 
A city of skyscrapers is being planned and plotted to the east of Ravenport.  Its roads already join Ravenport, Babel, Taconia.

Sculpturer's Guild
Jekyell has founded a new guild dedicated to building sculptures.  He has constructed the Anubis in Exodus, the raven outside Ravenport the Panda in Elysium and the Creeper in Nocturne.

Jek built this city seemingly over night along the Archean railway.  Its quite a site to see!

Cache and Riddle
Bonerus, vilas_win and baneofenderguy have posted riddles at the Ravenport nether enclosure.  Rewards await.  
Currently in progress are some treasure hunts that will assist new and existing players to see all the sites Ravenkraft has to offer.

Bonerus medieval city, themed in cobble and mossy, has become a fully functional city of interest on the southern continent.  Follow the signs through the nether to visit.

New Nether Routes
New covered routes have been made in the nether connecting Void, Fool's Inn & Pub, Meropia, Irontown.

Ork Camps
The Orkz factions has created a NPC villages.  The city is available thru the RVN rail station.

Babel Canal
The digging continues on the canal that will link the worlds two main bodies of water on either side of the Babel/Taconia Ismuth.

Void Resurgence
The founders of Void have returned to the western lands on Alpha Centauri IV.  Be sure to visit their amazing island builds.

A great underwater city is slated for new construction in the Archean Seas.  Come visit the underwater domes of Rapture!

Random spattering of grand bridges or great castle on the water?  Come see for yourself down the Archean Railway on the way to Archea.

Big Ol' Shroom
Moose696 has started a city under the cap of a large mushroom south of Archea across the water.
The Zeal Nether

This has become a rather hot topic in the PvP world.  Basically, there is a plugin that makes multiple nether worlds possible but it has a bit of a glitch in it that causes players without access to the survival world to glitch into that world.  Because of this, the nether in Zeal is temporarily unavailable   Its unfortunate that is has to be this way it does have one major advantage.  When 1.5 comes out Ravenkraft will have its own brand new nether.  This will be ideal for nether quartz and glowstone availability.

A Message for New Ravenkrafters

There have been quite a few new players recently.  There are some things that everyone should know to get the most out of Ravenkraft:

From Different Worlds

There are two main worlds that govern our server.  New players join into Zeal, the PvP world.  I would say that is vicious and unruly but currently, it is not.  We need active PvP factions to attract more PvP players.  We have just recently update the Planet Minecraft attract these players.  For those not quite as interested in PvP, there is the survival world.  To get to this server and all i t offers, new joins must apply online.  It takes just minutes to fill out.  The main reason for this is to screen for thieves and griefers.  A check is done of each person that applies.

Undeveloped Lands

New players may be wondering where to build.  A rather close, unscathed area exists to the northeast of the spawn.  Use the dynamic map to find a spot for you.  

For players wanting to join an existing factions, talk to the faction leaders: wizardofire (RVN), Mattfu (Archea), Justin1243 (NPC) for an invite.  Keep in mind that brand new players may not be trusted at first to all the claims.  Come join us on Teamspeak and join the community!

What Semi-vanilla means on Ravenkraft

There is  some difference of opinion when it comes to what semi-vanilla really means.  On Ravenkraft this means no warps or homes, no major changes to game mechanics and no unfair ranks or preferential treatment.  Ranks are earned and donor ranks are not overpowered.  As it should be in gaming, players that give will get get back in return either in the way of recognition or access to new content.

Tokens and Voting

A bazaar has been built in Babel on the coast under a large, blue-roofed tent.  This shop accepts tokens, an item attained through voting, ranking and donating.  You can get two tokens once per day by voting on these websites (below).  Voting increases server rank and brings more people to Ravenkraft.  More people means more PvP opportunity, more shops and more group activity.  It is all-around good for the server.