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News 2013 Week 19

posted May 10, 2013, 10:43 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 10, 2013, 1:22 PM by Félix De Portu ]

Please welcome all our newest Ravenkrafters!

portatrekosdabeast9889 TheFinestBeard 
CharlukegpConorini1998 vPlayer_ 
LordSnacktheb9reds Anticreed
BrunoshyDaramouthe Quintilus 
Alienhunter100VincentF0X RohMubble 
Welcome back, krekka5911 and beebee766!

Congrats to bonerus for becoming a server moderator!

Notable Builds
  • The new world spawn, Sol Sanctum, is a new group project on Ravenkraft.  There are now two one-way portals to new lands.  Inquire with Mattfu or wizardofire if you want to help.
  • The Ravenport stockyard is nearing completion.  Once finished, all passive mobs will be fore sale via rail connection.  Currently, the yard is connected to SABC, Archea, Romdeau, Nocturne, Sher, Mercantile, Isengard and Orkz.
  • Mattfu is working on a gold grinder in the Nether.
  • Jeffrey_starwars has completed a gold grinder in Isengard.
  • Ships have been started by Stalin_77, Moose696
  • A rail line is being constructed from Ravenport to the southwest to TheWanderignFools's place and eventually to Meropia.
  • DundeeIgor is working on a pixel-art project in the ocean 1400 blocks south of Romdeau.
  • Justin has completed 6 large NPC statues in New NPC.
  • Jeffrey_starwars has created a Darth Maul Head in New NPC.
  • Jekyell has created a Tree frog statue in Ravenport.
* If you would like to have your builds listed here, please post them at in the Showcase forum.

Naval Warps and Naval Battles

In the last news post, naval battles and ship-based fast travel were announced.  There has been a lot of ship-building but no connections have been made yet.  I wanted to explain further how this will work:
  • Ships for naval battles will be copied for the battle; no ship needs to actually be lost in a fight.  The original will remain where it was built.
  • Team captains for each ship will agree upon rule flags before a fight.  These are things like allowing fire charges, ender pearls, etc.
  • A moderator will arrange the battle.
  • Once two ships are created and meet the standards for connection, please contact wizardofire to connect the two via warps.
Age Restriction Set

Ravenkraft will now only accept applicants that are 15 or greater unless referred by another player.

New World Spawn

The spawn has already been moved to the new floating spawn island, Sol Sanctum, a name selected by a Facebook poll.  New players will join into this protected area with no build permissions in the regular survival world.  There are 3 active portals in this area and some info buttons that provide links to the application, dynamic map and Facebook pages.   One of these portals links to Zeal and the other two to random obscure NPC villages to the far northeast and southeast.  This is so new players can, if they want start in fresh areas.  All of these portals are one-way and labeled as such.

Gold Grinders Legalized

There has been a lot of discussion about allowing these grinders but the final decision was made after a few key details were noted:
  • Gold grinders are a vanilla mechanic that Mojang has not removed from the game for being overpowered.  This unlike obsidian and sand grinders which were fixed.
  • If gold is devalued by grinders, this will force players to seek a better currency and emeralds are ideal since they are so scarce.  This will force emerald production using NPC and hills mining.
  • Gold will now be more prevalent  making complex rail systems and golden blocks more feasible.
  • Gold gets hoarded anyway.  Gold will always have value since... well... its gold (and shiny).  It is estimated that since grinders have been allowed, gold is only slightly less than half as valuable as it once was.  This will change but only as grinders are built and used and so far this is a slow-moving prospect.
  • Making gold more available and with less value will pave the way for currency exchanges.  The owner of such a shop could essentially "play the market" and make quite a profit!  

Rules Updated
  • An age limit has been imposed of 15+
  • Rules for removing other's buildings from your land added.
  • Unauthorized moderator block-spawning now explicitly defined as cheating.