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News 2013 Week 10

posted Mar 7, 2013, 12:51 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated Mar 14, 2013, 9:11 PM by Félix De Portu ]
Please welcome all our newest Ravenkrafters!

AnakuraHurok MagoDeFuego  Captain_Becky  Syrite
Hunt_Ta_Wumpas jeffrey_starwars  angelofhevn  LunieMC
DundeeIgor misticocraft  SiegFriedxD _zAxel_
AvurdedonTellesinho  lucag367  link27
Kid_Meets_World Likeezinho  TexnWolf  dryck
CaptainRobGaming kelvynseixas  roadan666  Bandot
Wonder_Shozen Stubenhocker  M4glc4rr0w  Morius67

The Fight Against Lag

People on Ravenkraft come and go and its a constant uphill battle to keep the server populated.  I often find myself wondering why.  Is it because people are bored?  Is the PvP spawn scaring people away?  Are they just not reading the rules online and quit when they find out he have no /warps?  And then it hit me:  Lag.  Sometimes multiple people sit in grinders for hours at a time with entity counts far exceeding three and four hundred.  It causes the server to lag, sometimes horribly.  To fix this we now have an AFK auto-kick that will tell players they are AFK and kick them after 30 min on inactivity.  Players can still a point.  But there is no reason that anyone should be able to build a machine that can affect others' gameplay.

Notable Builds


NPC/VOID Skirmish - Nice to see some friendly PvP in the overworld.  Maybe this is a good starting point for discussing a PvP event...

Naval Battles - A while ago, Stalin_77 proposed coming up with rules for naval battles, much like our Warzone event.  If interested, please join the conversation on our new forum site.  Once we can decide upon some ground rules, we can make it happen.

Screenshot Contest - Submit screenshots for your builds to the forum and win some tokens and bragging rigths.  Submissions must be in by March 16th.  Click this link for more info.

Upcoming 1.5 Update

Just as before, Ravenkraft will not be able to update to 1.5 until the craftbukkit team releases a corresponding updated build.  We usually wait for the Beta build.  Our server relies upon this primarily for the protection plugins like Factions and Coreprotect (logging).  It could be a soon as the same day or as long as 2 weeks for the update.  

If you update your client and need to downgrade again, you can check back here for a download link.  You can avoid this all together by backing up your JAR before updating.

You can find more information about how to downgrade in my last post on the subject here.  The 1.4.7 JAR is available here.

A new plugin has been installed that creates a chance to drop a Player head in PvP battles.  

This plugin also allows drop mob heads at a change below 1%, and higher using a looting sword.


Calling all Shopkeepers & Their Customers!

The Bartersigns plugin has been one of my favorite.  It doesn't break away from  vanilla mechanics, it allows an iConomy-free way of trading with other players and does all this without using commands.  Unfortunately, the developer hasn't updated it in a while, so it has a few bugs and it doesn't work with enchanted items and fireworks.

I will be taking over the development of this plugin and enabling these features... and perhaps a little more.  To show that I am serious about this, I've created this BarterSearch site online.  These listings update every hour but in the future, this will be real-time data.  

Remember, Bartersigns allows you to sell any item (save the ones mentioned above) and accept one or more forms of payment in exchange (all items).

I am still learning Java so please be patient.  This will be the first of many new unique plugins on Ravenkraft. 

Fast Travel with Player Ships

There are  many methods of travel available on Ravenkraft: our portal network is extensive, the rails and roads sprawl the spawn and there is a few Zeal portals for getting between worlds.  Even with all this, there seems to be a demand for /warp and /home commands.  Rather than use such a cheap mechanic, I propose  fast travel using player-built ships.

Players can now build a ship in their city's docks and connect it to a neighboring port.  Here are the rules:
  • There must be a ship in the destination port.  Each ship will only link with one other ship in this way.
  • The waterways between the two ports must be open and "mostly realistic" terms of how such a boat would "fit" in the waterway.  You may need to dig canals to make a link.
  • Vessel Classes:
For our purposes here, there are 4 basic classes of sea vessels.  for all you history buffs, it has been oversimplified to make this easier to quantify.  The size and number of masts will determine the class and how far it can travel.  Size measures from bow to stern, not including the bowmast.  

Boat: small, less than 20 blocks in length.  Anything you could consider a boat is not eligible for being part of the fast-travel network.  Examples: Dorey, Sailboat, more.
cannot be part of Ravenkraft's fast travel network.
..but they look nice

Galley: medium-sized with 2 or more masts, greater than 20 blocks in length. Examples
can travel up to 2000 blocks in fast travel network.
costs 40 tokens to link to network

Galleon: large vessel with 3 or more masts. greater than 60 blocks in length. Examples: Columbus' Santa Maria, more.
can travel up to 4000 blocks in fast travel network.
costs 45 tokens to link to network

Frigate: large vessel  greater than 90 blocks in length. Examples.
can travel up to 8000 blocks in fast travel network
costs 50 tokens to link to network

Feel free to discuss this on the site's forums in this post.