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News 2012 Week 51

posted Dec 21, 2012, 10:40 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated Dec 21, 2012, 11:12 AM by Félix De Portu ]
Welcome to all our new residents!
  • GalacticMagmar
  • _AllSheWrote_
  • jumboepic11
  • Killerweegee
  • Spacepimpkevin
  • heyhayhay1234
  • KillerTadpole
  • dylancjames
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  • bonzi51
  • salik1793
  • B1u3MeW115
The Unattainables Token Shop at Babel

A bazaar has been built in Babel on the coast under a large, blue-roofed tent.  This shop accepts tokens, an item attained through voting, ranking and donating.  You can get two tokens once per day by voting on these websites (below).  Voting increases server rank and brings more people to Ravenkraft.  More people means more PvP opportunity, more shops and more group activity.  It is all-around good for the server.  

In the token shop, you can buy spawn eggs, mossy & cracked brick, experience potions and more.  There are also two info kiosks which explain how to spend tokens to get building moves, and terrain regeneration.

Notable Builds
  • RexisFern has started a formidable city on the southern continent.
  • Bonerus is working on a PvP games area including a Spleef arena and "paint gun" arena.
  • Jekyell has finished a raven statue on the east side of Ravenport.
  • Nickel is putting the finishing touches on Iken.
If you would like your work to be recognized here in the news feed, please send a short email describing your work and I'll post it here.

Zeal:  The PvP World

The whitelist has been removed and the server is now public, however, non-applicants are unable to reach the regular survival world.  Zeal is available from a portal in Babel and there you may claim any land not already claimed using factions and PvP to your hearts content.  Establishing factions there will bring more PvP oriented players to Ravenkraft.  In the future, zeal will be used for long-distance transportation through the survival world but at the risk of bandits.  Just a little risk/reward there...

The Ravenkraft Arcade

There has been significant work to automate instanced worlds using some web scripts, command blocks and some other fun code stuffs.  

Soon, we will have a fully-automated world management system that allows players to save and load adventure worlds to a file and play them with others, reset pvp arenas and more.  

Most of these will be available to all users, including non-residents, others will require tokens or upper-tier ranks.  All the portals and buttons that make this work will be available in a yet-to-be-built arcade building in Zeal right near the spawn point.   

There is already a rough version of this there that we have been using to access some pvp and adventure maps.  Currently, "From Ashes" is online for public consumption.
Winter Adventure Event this Weekend

This weekend, a winter adventure world will be going online using the instancing scripts.  This world will have plenty of goodies to include tokens and unique tools, weapons and armor.

Upcoming War-zone Event

Its been far too long since we had a War-zone Event.  Interested parties should read the revised War-zone rules.  We will be having a battle sometime in January after all interested parties have had a chance to build a fortress.

When will Ravenkraft Update to 1.4.6?

When the Bukkit team releases a stable build and our critical plugins are tested against it.  This will likely be the beta build, which could come as soon as this weekend. Our critical plugins are Multiverse, Factions, Hawkeye and Bartersigns.  

How do I downgrade back to 1.4.5 to play on Ravenkraft?

If you accidentally upgraded or wanted to switch back and forth, use these files:



You will need to rename the file to minecraft.jar and replace the original file in order for it to work.

Finding Your 'bin' Folder:

Windows Instructions:
  1. Press the windows key and the 'R' key together to bring up the Run Prompt. (This is also the search bar on the Windows 7 start menu)
  2. Type %appdata% into the run prompt and press enter. This will open the Application Data or equivalent folder on your computer.
  3. Open the '.minecraft' folder. Then open the 'bin' folder.
  4. Find 'minecraft.jar'. It may be labeled as just 'minecraft' , but described as a JAR file.
  5. Delete (or backup/rename) 'minecraft.jar'.
  6. Place the downloaded file into this folder, rename it to minecraft.jar and replace the one that was just moved/deleted.
Mac Instructions:
  1. Open
  2. Click “Go” in menubar
  3. Then choose “Go to folder…”
  4. Type in “~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/bin” (without quotes)
  5. Replace and rename your minecraft.jar with the one provided above.
If something goes wrong and you hose your installation, just delete the entire bin folder and relaunch minecraft. It will automatically update it to 1.4.6