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News 2012 Week 40

posted Oct 7, 2012, 1:32 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated Oct 8, 2012, 1:32 PM by Félix De Portu ]
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Welcome back, Antburrito, tmosconi, beebee766, Lupapup and DCgeist!

Player Survey

Please take my four question survey if you would like give feedback about our server. These are read and decisions are made based upon the results.

Server News
  • Please welcome Dfsf5263 as our newest moderator to the server.  He also goes by Klepto if you want something easier to type :)
  • Eudy with The Elysium Republic won the Hot Air Balloon contest.  Contrats!  Maybe next time will have more than two entries.
  • The dynamic map has been updated with layers and icons for factions claims, cities and shops.  If you would like to be put on the map for one of these things, please contact a moderator.  If you would like to have your faction colored a specific way, please contact wizardofire (by email preferably).
  • Moose696, Mattfu, Eudy, Klepto, Nickel9. and Antburrito have been working various player adventures throughout  the world.
  • If you want to show your appreciation for the server, you can vote or donate. Votes can be made every day and help improve our ranking and bring new players to the server.
  • Communication on Ravenkraft:
    • Short-term, immediate news like server statuses will be posted to twitter.  Follow if you want.  If you don't wish to follow, you can see the feed on the homepage of the website.
    • For over-time group conversations, please use the forums.  They would be more successful if more people knew they were there.  hint hint
    • News posts will be posted in-game, to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the website's news feed.  The four icons on the left sidebar on the web page link to all of these.
City and Settlement News
  • Elysium Republic
    • Pandemonium has been merged with the Elysium Republic
    • The Elysium Republic has a vast portal/nether-rail system.  If you visit, please be sure to return their carts.
    • Dethyrn's Happy Fun Room is now complete... albeit, not safe, nor happy.
    • The area in the nether around Ethyria now has additional portals going to Olynthus, Asterion, Knossos, Ithaca, Themiscyra & Mycenae.  Nysa portal will be added soon!
  • The Archean Empire
    • has been doing work on the rail routes from Ravenport.
    • A geology museum is being built in Sher.
    • Taconia has joined up with the Archea.
  • Ravenport Trade Federation
    • A public Auction House has been created in the Trade District at -537, 217.  Buy and sell anything here.  Instructions for use are in the basement.
    • tmosconi is now selling colored wool in Ravenport behind wizard and chewie's shops.
    • The Paper mill has been completed by Mattfu and wizardofire.  
    • Flapjack, Twinkies, wizardofire are upkeeping stock in their shops regularly.
  • Tinfoil - * new faction
    • A new castle is being built by bonerus across the bay from Irontown.
  • Midgardr 
    • Lupapup and WonderoiusWally have built a memorial to pay tribute to passed friends and family.  All are welcome to honor them here It is located at -5960, 2073 in the overworld.

Faction Outposts

Want to join a faction but don't want to be trapped in a city?  

Three of the largest factions are taking a new approach to handle this.  Archea, Elysium and Ravenport are all looking for new members.  Join a faction and build an outpost outside the city limits.  The faction mods will claim your area when needed.  

See Eudaemonea in the Elysium Republic, Mattfu in The Archean Empire and wizardofire in Ravenport for more information.

Server Performance Boost?

Some major updates have been done on the server to all systems to include Java itself.  If you would like to help test to see how much this helped,  logon during peak times and lets see if we can't do a good heavy benchmark test.  Recently, the craftbukkit team released a full recommended build and it is also in place.  The action logs have been archived and a backup was just performed yesterday

Industrial BOOM and Economic Flux

An economic revolution is unfolding on Ravenkraft!  Iron and paper machines are being built, people are restocking their shops and the time is NOW to get in on the market.  Some shops are accepting emeralds, the iron:gold exchange rate is heading towards being 20:1 and emeralds and paper will be coming soon to shops.

If you own a shop, restock it and adjust your prices.  If you would like to purchase one in Ravenport, please see wizardofire for a plot.  New zoning will be available upon request.  Residents of the RVN faction will receive discounted prices for new shop plots.

Here are some ideas for some much-needed shops in Ravenport:
  • A Restaurant or Food Market (cooked and uncooked foods)
  • Adventure Shop (selling all things needed before embarking on a journey)
  • Rare Materials (Ender Eyes, Ghast Tears, Glowstone)
Tips for managing a shop:
  • Don't sell more than you are willing to upkeep.
  • Competitive prices will keep the economy healthy.  Don't be afraid to compete with other shops.
  • Theme your shop so its memorable. 
  • Shoppers will come back if they got what they came for.
  • Accept gold and emeralds for payment.
  • Bartersigns does not handle enchanted tools and armor.  
Roles, Ranks and Rewards

I, wizardofire, have been working on a new ranks and reward system for our server.  I want to do this for a few different reasons:
  • Some players need a goal, something to work towards.
  • Gives players the opportunity to earn special privileged and server status through group participation.
  • Give rewards for server donations.
Please take this player survey if you would like to give feedback on this proposal.

Halloween Event

Starting on October 28th and ending on Halloween the 31st, this year's Halloween event will be open.  It will be a separate world, theme in all things spooky.  There will be a puzzle to find the entrance and all Ravenkrafters are invite to join.

If anyone is interested in helping to create the world, please email me at  There will be a creative server online so we can tailor the world  as we see fit.