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News 2012 Week 37

posted Sep 8, 2012, 7:44 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated Dec 26, 2012, 11:56 AM by Félix De Portu ]
Welcome to our newcomers!
  • Rafaelrds
  • theonewhoskates
  • Pirilmampo
  • krekka5911
  • MustangMGK
  • LeimLion
  • Rebelx30
  • Nightcloadk27
  • OfBlackestDawn
  • techgu
  • MinerAssasin
  • CraftNinja10
Survival Player Builds

Anubis Statue in Exodus, Archean Empire
     - built by Jekyell

Ethyria Towers, Ethyria, Elysian Republic
     - being built by Eudamonea, Klepto

Drowned city of Iken, Archean Empire
     - being built by Nicke9

LaLa Land Theme Park, NPC
     - being built by Lilrapboy and others

A Curious Excavation, Etherian Island, Elysian Republic
     - being Built LeimLion

A Snowy Cloud 
     - being built by Mattfu and others

The Merchants Guild, Warforge, Elysian Republic
     - built by Dantemalteous, OrionRvR

The Elysian Nether Rail System
     - built by Eudamonea

The Ishtar Gate, Babel, Spawn
     - being built by wizardofire

The Auction House, Ravenport Trade Federation
     - being built by wizardofire

A Water Fortress, NPC
     - being built by Wycratius

Panda Statue in Pandamonium
     - built by Jekyell

Creeper Statue, Ranveport Trade Federation
     - being built (real slow) by ferretness89

Darkwater Cove, Ravenport Trade Federation
     - being built by chewiestmonky, MySkyMightFall, ILikeBaken

Battles Arena, Exodus, Archean Empire
     - being built by Mattfu

The Void Islands, Void
     - being built by Lenior, Rafaelrds,

The City of Sher, Archean Empire
     - being built by Stalin_77, Mattfu

A Paranoid Fortress, Elysian Republic
     - being built by dethryn

Ork Village and Island, Orky
     - being built by Grimfangskarteef

A Far Away Land, NPC
     - developed by Justin1243

City of Mercantile
     - built by lordnine

City of Romdeau
     - built by Dougflournoy

City of Taconia, Spawn
     - being built by AlbinoAwesome

City of Genesis
     - built by Nikkrippen

Templar Fortress, Templar
     - built by SkyTower and Siqarius

New Edinbro
     - being built by ccg94

Ordo de Oro
     - being built by GilXTurtle16

There are many many more works in progress on Ravenkraft,  if I have missed one and you would like to have it mentioned or its name better clarrified, please email me at with a proper name, its builders and to which territory it belongs.

If you would like a web page for your guild, city or faction, just ask.  A google linked email address is needed to authenticate yourself to the content management system.  Please email your details to to get setup.
Ravenkraft Adventures & Builders

With the advent of Minecraft's new Adventure mode, some alternate forms of play are becoming available.  Dungeons and mini-adventures have been placed at random throughout the world.  They are marked with spider web built into the structure;  use this to know that it is a adventure zone and the items in chests may be taken.  Destruction and structure pilfering in theses areas is allowed only to players that give back to the dungeon in some way i.e.: resetting the dungeon for the next player. In some cases, special caches and trap kits are given as rewards.

Players interested in creating new content for future global adventure events and integrated story-lines will be rewarded titles and achievement certificates.  Special Items like Spider webs and other unattainable blocks and items will be granted to players for use in creations and as rewards for other builders and adventurers.

Utlimately, what this all means is that Ravenkraft players will fall into two major categories:  builders (content creators) and adventurers (those interested in playing others' content)  In the short term, all these players will occupy the same world, but in the future, we will be able to instance entire worlds as adventure maps in another world or separate server to allow for better replayability and dynamic content.

Server Staff & Organization

To make all of this new content available to new players, it is neccesary to take on specific organized roles.  Some of these roles are still available.  To apply, please email  Drive and results will be requirements for most.

Portal Transportation Coordinator:  Mattfu
Transportation Authority: <not filled>
New Player Tour Guide: <not filled>
Merchant's Guild Head:  Dantemalteous
Mason's Guild Head: <not filled>
Storyboard Writers: Nickel9, wizardofire, four00100, <open positions>
News Columnists: Nickel9, wizardofire, <open postition>
PVP Games Keeper: <not filled>
Server Admin: wizardofire
World Moderators:  Mattfu, wizardofire. Eudamonea, chewiestmonky
Babel City Planners wizardofire, Mattfu, <open position >


Minecraft has multiple types of roles for players already:  by choice of action, players can become builders, miners, loggers, merchants, engineers, and enchanters.  Ravenkraft is, according to need, creating new roles to bring players together for common goals.  We have  factions by virtue of the Factions plugin, but players cross-factions have common interests are are choosing to organize for the entire server.  Player-created guilds are means tot this.

The Merchants Guild will be holding a meeting at an announced time to discuss pricing, inflation, trade centers and some of the goals and objectives for the guild.  If you would like to  join the Merchants Guild, please see Dantemalteous or a server moderator.

All players are encouraged to create their own guilds.  Other ideas for these include: masons, mercenaries, engineers, farming and  cartography. Declare you guild on the Ravenkraft message board and You will be granted a page on the website to advertise and organize your guild if you like.  You will be able to post jobs in the up and coming Guild Hall in Ravenport, built by the Archean empire.

Spawn Beautification Events

Babel, the server spawn has been undergoing renovations to make the world more inviting for new players.  As part of this, all players serverwide are ecouraged to build Mesopotamian themed buildings and statues.  By way of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, build times will be organized and announced on weekends.

PVP Battles

Many people are interested in doing War Zone and Naval Battle events.  There are a few major things preventing these from becoming a regular occurrence:
  • Lack of competing forces
  • Unified and agreed upon rules
  • Prepared battlefields
If you are really interested in PVP of any kind to include arena matches as well, the position of PVP Games Keeper is available to anyone willing to help.


For a while now, Ravenkraft has needed a backstory, some lore that ties it all together.  We are currently in the process of partnering with a handful of creative storyboard writers all with different focus on various aspects of the game. Back story, quest lines, objectives, antagonists, and other RPG elements area all coming soon.  


Hop in a boat, and hit the high seas!  Discover new land and the new jungle and desert temples.  Help the server out by uncovering the undiscovered areas on the dynamic map.  After the boundaries for all the major continent are  found, our cartographers and explorers can start naming the various geographical features.

On the other hand, please try not go out past +/-20000 unless someone has already started explored out that far.  This request comes as a strong suggestion moreso than a rule.