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News 2012 Week 31

posted Aug 2, 2012, 7:41 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated Aug 2, 2012, 7:41 PM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • epicthirdperson
  • Rasmus
  • selena1241
  • ladiebella
  • Snigels
Block Generator Controversy

Minecraft is a game about building things, to include machines. One of the things that added to its success was the creative use of game mechanics. This means finding behaviors that were not explicitly created. People have made mob grinders, data muxers, 3D printers, complex traps, and other things that notch & co. may have never intended. And of course, there have been bugs and exploits to those bugs. There are two in particular of interest in this thread. Cobble generators are clearly an intended mechanic. Personally, I think they are silly because if you want to mine cobble, you may as well explore the possibility of getting other, more valuable materials while you're at it.

Sand, and obsidian generators have been a hot topic on Ravenkraft for the last few days. A lot of people have a lot of different opinions. I posted a week ago to Twitter that both violated the rule pertaining to cheating and therefore not allowed. Eudy and I both have done research about the thier usage in other Minecraft communities. Here is what we've found:
  • Sand/gravel generators produce (and by produce I mean duplicate) a LOT of sand at once, thousands per minute. They do create lag and the sand item itself just falls to the ground; it doesn't even need to be mined. They will affect the economy because it ends up being VERY cheap, practically free. This would offset other prices and the economy would suffer. We already have enough trouble with the economy due to disagreement and lack of active trade population. I mean...if you really want free items, maybe you should consider creative play. Ravenkraft is not (and will never be) a creative server.
  • Obsidian generators, on the other hand, are another type of problem. From the reading I did, most consider them to be and acceptable mechanic, mainly because it is being created from the mix of water, lava and redstone where the redstone is consumed. It is still quite slow to mine and its creation does almost nothing to tie up server resources. I am seriously considering allowing this, with input from others. It is an exploit, however.
The major problem with allowing one and not the other is that some people will rationalize this differently, with their own opinions. I have a vision of what I want Ravenkraft to be, a virtual sandbox centered on accelerated civilization-style building through group cooperation and dynamic economics, and cheating violates this idea. This is why I feel so strongly about it. To be fair (one of the other tenants of our world,) I am posting a 3 question survey concerning these mechanics. I cannot promise anything for sand (and gravel) generators, but I want everyone to have a voice on the matter. This survey together with this thread is the best way to do so. I will post the results in a few days after everyone has had a chance to vote.

The Case for Sand Generators on EMC - please read this very informative post and the comments!

Block Generators Message Board Thread & Survey Link

Civilization: Minecraft Style

When Craftbukkit updates to 1.3, We will start having regular, weekly additions to the City of Babel.  If you are interested, please let me know what times and days are good for you here in this thread.  

Rules of Engagement

We will be having another bout in the War Zone on the weekend of August 25th/26th.  Please post your availability and or re-announce your army in this thread.


Stalin_77 has proposed another type of PvP event:  Naval Battles.  I think this idea has great potential.  If you would like to build a ship and blast others out of the water, please post you interest here in this thread

Community Matters

Well if you can't tell, I've been pushing the message board a lot recently.  There a few things that our server lacks and I've been trying to change that.  We need events, goals, projects to keep this thing rolling.  I have a few really neat ideas that I want to bring to Ravenkraft.  

You may have heard me talking about a secret project recently.  I am quite the fan of Science-fiction, Steampunk, Dystopian storytelling, and anachronistic concepts.  Minecraft feels like a cool platform for creating a unique world that is all our own.  I am putting together a Ravenkraft back-story and hope to include weekly writings alongside these news posts.  Once we have a platform to base from, anyone can build and write story for their faction or creations.  We can have adventure events centered around a particular facet of our world.  The content creators and event winners would receive awards and recognition.  We can start filling our books with these stories and really make Ravenkraft stand out among other servers.  It doesn't need to be a role-play server or anything like that, just.... purposeful and unique.

Playing in the Sandbox

To those of you who didn't get the memo, we are running a temporary minecraft world dubbed "The Ravenkraft Sandbox."  This server is running alongside our regular world, which is still running 1.2.5 (CB 1.2.5 R5)  I had to reduce the server cap and memory allocation but I don't think its been terribly inconveniencing as there always seems to be room.  This post has rather specific instructions on how to switch your client back and forth between the two versions.  All items in your personal inventory will be brought back to Regular Ravenkraft when it updates to 1.3.  Until then, enjoy having a new world to explore.  Its always fun to start anew.  Oh ya also...hard mode :D

Time to Launch: Unknown

When will Ravenkraft update to 1.3?  Hopefully soon.  Here is the responses people are getting from the Craftbukkit team when asked.  Here is what they said on Saturday.  Why do we need Craftbukkit? We need Craftbukkit so I can assure security on our server.  Until then, I refer you to the sandbox server.