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News 2012 Week 28

posted Jul 21, 2012, 12:43 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated Jul 21, 2012, 1:52 PM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • dethryn
  • HydraliskChild
  • hero9929
  • newpig530
  • Lord_Noire
  • bayman128
  • howard_5
  • ebrights20
  • king_rondo90
  • ivanizp
  • aiCollector
And welcome back: Ajentsp02, GILxTURTLE16, Alexwakawaka

Commerce in Ravenport

Hydralisk's Bottle of Potions - themed  new    potions  food 

selling Potions of all variety

Rosaely's Odds n' Ends - themed  new  rare items  WAR!

sells mycelium, spider eyes, saddles, fire charges, gold discs, slimeballs, blze rods. snow blocks and ghast tears.

Huck's Shop - themed  new  rare items  Gold

sells nether wart, blaze robs, mushrooms, ghast tears, gold, iron, mycelium, snow blocks, dirt and cobble.

1.3 Update Coming Soon -  Important Please Read!!!

If you update your client prematurely, you will not be able to log on again until either after we deploy it or if you follow downgrade instructions.

This update (and ALL other time-sensitive news) will be posted to my Twitter Feed.  This feed is also available on the home page of this website.  For best results, follow me on Twitter.  

There are rumors that it will release around August 1st.  We will likely not update on the same day unless all our core, essential plugins are also updating.  For those who are wondering, these are HawkEye (action logging), Factions (protection) and Bartersigns (economy).  If Bartersigns takes too long to update, we will likely disable it in favor of 1.3 features.  Mojang has been releasing with Bukkit included so it should come quickly but only time will tell for sure.  Factions and Hawkeye are big and so i expect them to update quickly.

Server News

New Moderator

Everyone please welcome Eudamonea, our newest server mod.  Thanks for your participation, Eudy!

New Cities & Factions: 
  • Void faction  founded  by Rohirrin, CuboQuandrado and Leirnor
  • Genesis faction founded by Nikrippen123 and N4P4LMSTRIKE
  • Irontown (FET) faction by Ajentsp02 and JaydinNoellle
  • City of Rio Del Oro (RVN)  founded  by GILxTURTLE16 and Alexwakawaka
  • Elysium is looking for one more faction ally.
  • Æther, a floating cloud city is being constructed in the Archean seas.
  • Warforge is looking for out-of-town housing and selling shop plots catering specifically to the War Zone events.
  • Taconia is building a floating island above the swamps outside Taconia.
  • The Templars are building large circular structure of the north end of the Southwestern continent.
  • Ravenport is expanding the trade district to make room for more shops to include the pier.
  • The Elysium sky-bridge has been completed, running from Ravenport to Elysium.
  • Elysium has been constructing rail lines to nearby islands.
  • A nether rail line has been completed to Midgardr.
Testificate Population Booms
  • Archea proper has been rekindled with the life of hundreds of NPCs
  • Irontown's Castillo de los Mendoza is being getting priests for the Cathedral among others.
  • Elysium's built a gated community, with a dark secret.
  • The NPC faction is themed around Testificates -- see their embassy in RVN for more.
Faction Plots in RVN

Ravenport City rules state that plots should not overlap other plots and are limited to the gravel marker provided when the plot is sold.  Please respect over's property.  On a similar, related note, buildings ringed with fire could prove dangerous.  Please talk to the owner of another plot before making such modification.  Communication an respect for others property will ease such situations.

From Ravenport City Rules:
  • Buildings should be limited to the plot marker, marked with gravel or wood (This boundary includes the marker itself).  These materials are a gift to the new resident and can be harvested and taken.
  • Please do not build under or over other's plots or public land.  This includes roads, walls, and parks.  Ownership of each plot goes to the bottom of the map.  Use all of it if you wish.