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News 2012 Week 26

posted Jul 2, 2012, 3:16 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated Jul 9, 2012, 9:24 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • lilrapboy54
  • Cuboquadrado 
  • HydraliskChild
  • CrazyVanilaCake
  • alexkila
  • AnonymousIV
  • Olechzendar
  • mdutcher
And welcome back: Try5, Eijki, Ivanthecur, and BMoo!

Commerce in Ravenport
       == new shops ==

The Midgardr Market - themed  new   rare items variety  WAR food 

selling TNT, dispensers, fire charges, golden apples, flowers, sugar cane, wheat, mushrooms, pumpkins, mycelium, all wood types, grass, brick, bookshelves, melon slice, saplings, and nether brick, brick, snow blocks and enchanted items (to order).

Grimfang's Farm & Food Supply - themed  new  well stocked  food  diamonds  

sells diamond tools, fishing rods, seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, fence, saplings, raw fish, raw beef, and bread

Misuse of Public Chat

There have been increasing reports of misuse of the public chat. If you are speaking to members of your own faction and more specifically, acting like immature children while doing so, use the factions or alliance chat. If you find that you no longer have allies, it is because no one else wants to hear it and is opting out by canceling your alliance. If this misuse continues, Rule 8: Maturity & Decency will be enforced and offenders will be banned. This server is rated as mature and players should act as such.

Admin on Vacation

I, wizardofire, will be on vacation from 7/3/2012 to 7/16/2012.  I will still be able to access the server from my phone, but its not nearly the same.  Its much much slower and I don't have access to all my tools, just the ones that matter for restarts, etc.

Mattfu has volunteered to help out with console access as needed while I am away.  Please refer to him, Moose696, and Chewiestmonky for any questions about the rules.

I'll still be checking email, but not nearly as often as I will be busy  most of the time.
1.3 Update Coming Soon -   Important Please Read 

If you update your client prematurely, you will not be able to log on again until either after we deploy it or if you follow downgrade instructions.

This update (and ALL other time-sensitive news) will be posted to my Twitter Feed.  This feed is also available on the home page of this website.  For best results, follow me on Twitter.  

There are rumors that it will release in coming weeks.  We will likely not update on the same day unless all our core, essential plugins are also updating.  For those who are wondering, these are HawkEye (action logging), Factions (protection) and Bartersigns (economy).  If Bartersigns takes too long to update, we will likely disable it in favor of 1.3 features.  Mojang has been releasing with Bukkit included so it should come quickly but only time will tell for sure.  Factions and Hawkeye are big and so i expect them to update quickly.

Elysium City News

- written by Eudamonea

  • Our monorail system from the farm to the train station is now complete!
  • The bridge to the main land is now finished enabling us to farm lily pads and clay easier.  We may extend this sometime in the future to a neighbor or some other place we think is interesting.
  • The Elysium Skyrail project is nearing completion.  The foundation, lighting and fencing is finished.  Now we just need rails to connect us over to Ravenport!  Feel free to donate rails to the project and make sure to check out the sub station in Ravenport! 
  • Blaze Grinder and small fortress conversion is now finished. 
  • By request, our portal got a small cosmetic makeover.  It's now covered and stairs were added.
  • Updated Construction Requirements.  We are now incorporating more nether brick into our buildings.
  • We now have zombie, skeleton, and spider grinders in our underground network, as well as a blaze grinder in the nether.  Each of these is open for use to our allies (all others need permission first!).  
  • Mooshrooms have arrived in Ravenport.  We are now selling them at our store for 15g each.  Speak to Eudaemonea to arrange the sale.  An additional fee per moo is charged if you want us to move them for you depending on distance and access to rails.