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News 2012 Week 24

posted Jun 16, 2012, 11:57 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated Jun 16, 2012, 4:08 PM by Félix De Portu ]

New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • Valor777
  • darrengeekcorner
Commerce in Ravenport

Albino's Sea Shanty - themed  new  variety WAR food 

selling TNT, dispensers, caulrons, all wood types, fences, brick, note blocks, buttons, pressure plates, levers, melon slice, saplings, and wool

Elysium Emporium - themed  new  stylish well stocked  variety  food  WAR

sells bows, arrows, mushrooms, bones, bone meal, seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, nether wart, melon slices, pumpkins, wheat, sugar cane, cactus, tall grass, saplings, vines, ferns, lily pads, leaves and flowers

SABC - Everything Rail kept stocked  themed  
 buttons, rail, minecarts, levers, powered rail, detector rail, redstone torches, and torches.

NPC Shop (needs a sign) - kept stocked   WAR

sells records and iron tools and armor on the cheap

Twink's Shop - rate items  variety  

soul sand, netherrack, nether fence, nether wart, glowstone, nether brick, sandstone, glass, sand, brick, brick stairs, stone, mossy/cracked/regular  brick, cake, watermelon, pumpkins, m`uchrooms, potions, end stone

Flapjack and JC's Shop - diamonds  kept stocked  food  variety 

selling all wool colors, bookshelves, lapis, diamonds, end stone, obsidian,  brick, wheat, bread, bone, tools, and arrows.

Hunter's Skeleton Shop - stylish themed  well stocked  WAR

sells arrows, bones, fishing rods and bows

Uncommon Splendor (Mercantile) - stylish themed

selling paintings, nether brick, glowstone, nether fence, obsidian, sand, blue wool, and enchanting tables

Wizard's Wood 'N Things - themed  kept stocked 

selling all wood types, glass, sandstone, sand, fence, leave, stone and stonebrick

Chewiestmonky's Shop (needs a sign) - themed  kept stocked 

selling all wool colors and slimeballs

Mattfu's Shop of Things - stylish kept stocked 
you don't need but are probably going to buy anyway because you can

sells blaze rods and white wool

Nickel9's Push 'N Pull Redstone Shop - themed  stylish gold 

sells buttons, pressure plates, levers, redstone, repeaters, redstone torches, and pistons coming soon!

Coryn02's Shop of Survival Services - themed  food 

sells arrows, chicken, wheat, & cake

Jekyell's Adventure Shop - themed 

sells saddles, beds, torches, coal and buckets

Alexwakawaka's Shop  gold  variety food 

sells redstone, lapis, iron, gold, white wool, glowstone, golden apple, cake, apple, bread, sugar cane and glass panes. 

Duck's Emporium - stylish

sells glowstone, bones, fishing rods and bows

Dark Brotherhood Mercanies (not up to building code) WAR

mercenary service and theft retrieval

Journeyman's Bounty -  stylish

not yet stocked :/

The Warzone Event  very likely coming next weekend.  Please let me your availability for the event in this one question survey.

There have been several changes to the rules and I strongly suggest planned particiapants read them.  If anyone has any suggestions or concerns, please let me know.

For those not planning on participating in the war itself, motivated merchants looking to make mucho mullah should look to sell fire charges, tnt, arrows, and armor.  I will tag any shop that does this with the WAR! tag on the Ravenport page.
City News

- written by AlbinoAwesome
  • Albino's Sea Shanty is open near the unfinished bridge on the South side of Ravenport, selling wood, food, and other miscellaneous items at discount prices.
  • Taconia has opened a motel for users who are visiting the city or using the End Portal.
  • Patrons who donate iron bars to the city of Taconia in the motel, will receive benefits in regards to using the End Portal. (food, safer passage to the portal)
- written by lordnine
  • In an effort to appease the poorer inhabitants of Ravencraft the Mercantile traders group has graciously agreed to offer a cobblestone alternative as a means of paying for many of their fine wares and exotic imports.
- written by beebee766
  • Serenity - a new reception hall for the rail staion and Nether portal, a beautifull high-ceiling attractive building.  Our town notice-board and members board are in this hall, so it could be considered now as the 'centre' of Serenity - Jek, Awd and beebee.
  • The Great Pyramid - a collosally large pyramid on the outskirts of Serenity, located in the desert.  This vast structure is 125 high (above the clouds which move through it) and 165 x 165 base.  It will take your breath away and can only be fully appreciated on 'Far' rendering distance.  The floor will feature beautiful mozaics, digitised into colours from actual pictures.  Under construction - join in if you like! - bee and Awd
  • Solitude - Jek has made this into a habitable sand mine area with its own portal, staorage and safe-haven.
  • Ravenport Shop - in a prime waterfront location in the commercial district, we have specialised in selling anything to do with rail travel.  Sales are going well and the gold generated is communal SABC currency for purchasing materials for our various projects.
  • New Member - we have Panda_Assassin joining us as a friend of Awdolan's.  Bee also new Panda from a previous server, so he comes vouchsafe and in good honour.
  • War Zone - SABC has formed an Army to compete in the WarZone, with Goldsword heading up the troops as our General, assisted by Captain Awdolan as his 2nd in command.  Already much planning and work has been done and we feel we are well prepared, so if you are not an SABC member or afilliate and find yourself in the WarZone, travel with the greatest unease !! Obviously we are not going to tell you about our progress and what we have done, but we are sure you will find out soon :-)
  • Arena - recent contests in the Arena have shown that it works well, but will need some fine tuning.  You may/may not know that SABC esigned and built it at Old Serenity in the Old World and Wiz transposed the entire Arena to the outskirts of Ravenport, where it is used for small 1v1 battles. 
  • Recruiting - you have probably noticed already that we do not go out and actively recruit new members.  If a player likes SABC style and knows some members, he/she can apply to join or even be invited.  We go for quality, not quantity!
  • Exodus - Jek has been active in building and embellishing the beautiful desert town of Exodus.  Definitely worth a visit with some inovative structures such as a mosque, a colosseum and a fabulous man-made gorge.
Archean Empire
  • Builds - Moose696 is working on a large underwater base  in the Archean seas.
  • War Zone - The Archean army is constructing a formidable defense tower in the center of the War Zone.  Its definitely the largest and most interesting structure there.
  • Transportation - A large suspension bridge is under construction on the road between Ravenport and Mercantile
  • Future Expansion - After the War Zone Event, the city will continue expanding to the east and west.  A hedge maze is planned around the arena, industry and the desert to the east will be converted to a beach/