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News 2012 Week 23

posted Jun 8, 2012, 8:16 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated Jun 8, 2012, 8:16 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • Hack_Clawz 
  • mswt5avsfan 
  • Shallfrisch 
  • dfsf5263 
  • Skyrider2814 
  • FiyCsf 
  • Meowmeow349
  • The_Pwnalisa
  • Codpiece89
... and thanks to Eudaemonea, superduck23 and chewiestmonky for all the referrals.

  • A marked nether route has been constructed to Elsyium from the RVN Central Enclosure.
  • Midgardr has also constructed a nether route to RVN, though unmarked.
  • Road and rail routes from Ravenport to Exodus has been completed.
  • Albino's Sea Shanty is open, selling wood, food, and other miscellaneous items at discount prices on the SE edge of Ravenport near the bridge.
  • N4p4lmstrike has started a mercenary group based out of Ravenport.  Members will be paid for theft recovery jobs and will receive loot during warzone raiding.
  • Flapjack4758 and Jc4400 are now selling colored wool for a competitive price in their brick-roofed shop in Ravenport.
City News
  • Elsyium has been found to the North-east of Archea, East of Ravenport.
  • Midgardr has been founded to the far West.
  • NPC has gained another into thier ranks: Wycratius
  • The Archean Empire is looking for good, active builders who want to help them expand their empire.
  • Taconia has opened a motel for users who are visiting the city or using the End Portal.
    • Users who donate iron bars to the city receive extra benefits (extra benefits, safer passage.)
  • Taconia is still accepting new faction members, contact Albino for details regarding the end portal and faction membership
  • Exodus now has an aqueduct/water-slide. 
  • Goldsword's sky tower (unnamed) has been imported into New Serenity.
  • beebee766 and awdolan are working on a very large sandstone pyramid outside New Serenity.
War Zone Event
  • War Zone rules have been written and are available here.
  • Please announce your army if you wish to participate.  You may do so through the message board, or the Ravenkraft Facebook page.
  • Current War Zone Stage: Build and Setup
  • The sidebar now includes a vote link, and server activity graph.
  • Most Factions have pages that help them represent their cities, post pictures, rules and   other information.  These are available from the World tab at the top.
  • Bartersigns documentation has been updated with more instructions and a usage video.