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News 2012 Week 22

posted May 30, 2012, 1:40 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 30, 2012, 3:43 PM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • ajalon01
  • StaticGraze
  • foggy537
  • Wycratius
  • Twonke
  • Strongboy139
  • Zjaggars
  • Eudaemonea
  • Rosaely
  • punk_rachet
... and welcome back, Sk8wunder96, Ajentsp02

Survey Results

How do you play Minecraft?
10 Answered
Engineer: 60%, Founder: 80%, Wanderer: 30%, Survivalist: 50%, Team Builder: 60%, Gladiator: 10%,  Tycoon: 30%

How to you prefer to communicate and coordinate with other residents?
10 Answered
In-game: 90%, Email: 30%, Message Board: 10%, Facebook: 30%, Twitter: 10%, Teamspeak: 70%, Skype: 20%

What do you think should be done with abandoned projects?
10 Answered
Removed after a month: 30%, Removed after two months: 20%, Saved for later: 70%, Left alone: 0%, Convered to ruins: 60%

What would you like to do for our next event?
10 Answered
Factions PVP in Warzone: 30%, Group survival & exploration: 30%, Hanging Gardens and Babel (spawn): 40%

How do you think the server should be financially supported?
10 Answered
By the Owner: 50%, By donations in recognition of a good job: 80%, By donations in exchange for in-game perks: 10%, By donations for external perks: 20%

Player Feedback:
2 Answered
Need better guidance for new players at the spawn.
Your will to listen is always good to see. 

Iron : Gold Ratio
11 Answered
Weighted* Average: 8 to 1

Diamond : Gold Ratio
11 Answered
Weighted* Average: 6 to 1

Iron : Diamond Ratio
11 Answered
Calculated value: 48 to 1

* Weight values are derived from player participation in existing economy. 3 - low participation, 4 - high participation
City News
  • Midgardr has been founded to the far West.
  • NPC has gained another into thier ranks: foggy537
  • The Archean Empire is looking for new cities to join them.
  • Taconia is looking to pay new residents in gold for joining hte city.
  • Exodus is undergoing changes to the city, including new ships in the harbor.
  • Serenity's city walls are nearing completion and the city si being cleaned up of any unfinished buildings.
  • A nether portal has been constructed at the spawn in the basement of a Babylonian garden structure.  This connects the spawn directly to the Archean <> Ravenport nether route.
  • Players looking to bring NPCs to player cities should construct rail lines to NPC villages before the next update.
  • ORK has been re-founded on the islands to the North of Ravenport.
  • Ravenport now has a Marina to store player boats.
  • Midgardr is completing an envoy through the nether.
  • Flapjack and JC4400 are now selling diamonds in their shop in SE RVN Trade
  • Justin1243 is selling all records, cheap iron tools, weapons and armor in his NPC-style shop in East RVN Trade.
  • Twinkies's shop will soon be open selling potions and nether materials in East RVN Trade
Rule Changes
  • There have been changes to the rules regarding the use of PvP for enforcing city policy concerning theft.
  • Specifications for Territorial claims have been clarified.
  • Please read the details on the About page.  The rules affected are #1, #6, #7 and #9.
  • Moderator rules have been posted to the Help/Documentation section.
Warzone Event
  • Anyone wanting to participate in the upcoming warzone event should start building in the warzone.  It is the Taigia Biome labeled "War Zone" on the world map.  Its is bordered by several large obsidian pilars and marked by Factions claims.
  • Rules for the Warzone will be up this week here.  They will announced on Twitter, G+ and Facebook when posted.
  • Once at least two parties have agreed to battle, a date will be set for the event and announced on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  Please inform wizardofire when this is set.
Spawn Build Event
  • The votes for the next event tallied in favor of continuing the work on Babel and the Hanging Gardens at spawn.  
  • Anyone interested in signing up for it should post to this thread on the message board or send a message to over Facebook, G+, Twitter or email.  After a few sign-ups, I will post a start date.
Arena Battles

If you are interested in doing some upcoming Arena battles, please signup in this thread.