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News 2012 Week 20

posted May 16, 2012, 9:27 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 28, 2012, 11:35 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • LonelyNeutron
  • epic1st person
  • wishiwasuber
  • ipdar
  • Coryn02
... and welcome back, Boeing77Fly!

Server Promotion

If you would like to help me out and show your appreciation for Ravenkraft, you can vote on  This will help bump my listing and bring more new people to our server.  If you are really feeling it, bump me on and GameTracker.

Armageddon World

The Earth world is has been taken offline to conserve system resources.  The save files will be kept handy for adventure events.

City Locations
  • Exodus (-284,222) [Nickel9] 
  • Skylight (Nether 0,0) [Jekyell]
  • New Serenity (-2784, 394) [beebee766]
  • Archea Empire Sutherland (2060, 2060) [Mattfu], Koi (298, 689) [Mattfu], Sher (1792, 1784) [Stalin_77], Archea  (1552, 2152) [Moose696], Pirate Cove [Moose696]
  • Taconia (82,293) [AlbinoAwesome]
  • Babel -- Spawn City (-137,639)
  • Ravenport (-600, 200) [wizardofire, Chewiestmonky]
  • Noname (100,430) has been founded just near spawn.
  • Romulus (-266,1155) [Dougflournoy]
  • Mercantile(-776, 756) [lordnine]
  • Warforge (540, -354) [Danteusmaltos, OrionRvr] 
  • NPC (-2222,740) [Justin1243]
Embedded World Map

When this website was recently redesigned, I decided to include an embedded dynamic map.  It can be found on the World tab at the top of the site.  Just click through the preview maps (both of them)  to get to the dynamic map.  Please try not to leave this map open when you are not using it.

Social Media

Ravenkraft has a Facebook, a twitter and a Google+.  Originally it was just Twitter as its my preference fore simplicity reasons.  I've come to learn that G+ is better for reaching people by email even if they don't have G+ and almost everyone has a Facebook but not everyone wants to use their identity.  I will be sending all news posts to all these outlets. If ever there are quick up/down service-related communications, I'll likely just use Twitter because of how easy and quick it is when I am working on the server.  I will very likely be using Facebook's event system for posting events in the future.  

If anyone know best how I can link all these together, I would love to hear about it.
City News

If you would like specific details to be included in your city's news in weekly posts, please send me the detail in an email.
  • Mercantile
This city is best recognized by its medieval-theme and large blue-roofed buildings.  Recently, a city wall and city gate have been build erected along with a rule board.
  • Skylight
The town of Skylight has been founded by Jekyell.  It features a large spiral staircase entrance, has plans for a residential district and transportation routes.  This area is largely devoid of hostile mobs due to its location ABOVE the nether.
  • Ravenport 
Ravenkraft's capital city has been undergoing major changes recently.  Thirty percent of the city is build upon a converted desert.  With this space, we will constructing wiring for the city, a large sewer system all underneath the cities roads.  Entire vertical  plots are still owned by their respective 
residents.  After the demolition of the giant sand dune on Monday this week, a new addition to lower Ravenport will make it more possible for even more non-RVN residents to build houses in town and claim thier land.  These eight plots align perfectly to the Factions/chunk grid.

This map includes plots for four embassy plots near the center of town.  These will be for sale in the coming week.  They can be used for anything but he idea is for each major city to be represented within RVN. They can be used to promote tourism and foreign trade centers.

The city now has a thriving Agricultural section on the west end of town.  More developed Industry is also coming soon.

There are now several Bartershops up and active in the Trade district:
  • Mattfu's "Shop of Things You Probably Don't Need But Are Going To Buy Anyway Because You Can" is selling Blaze Rods and white wool.
  • SupremeOre's Shop is selling colored wool in the far Southeast section of town.
  • Wizard's Wood 'n Things is selling all wood types, fences, glass, sandstone, leaves, stone and sandstone on the East end of the city boardwalk.
  • Chewiestmonky's Shop is selling colored wool next door to Wizard's Wood 'n Things.
  • Superduck23 is selling glowstone blocks, netherwart and sand at Duck's Emporium toward the center of the trade district.
  • Hunter's Skeleton Shop is selling bows and arrows and bones.  This is a small stonebrick building jsut north of Superduck's shop.
  • Flapjack and JC's Shop is selling Wheat, bread, bones, arrows, lapis lazuli, obsidian, stone, grass, bookshelves and (red) brick blocks.  It has a brick roof
  • Nickel's Redstone Shop is currently only selling redstone.  This shop is shaped like a Piston.
  • Jekyell's Adventure Shop is selling beds, saddles, torches, coal and buckets. It is shaped like a chest. He also does contract killing.
Archea, Serenity, South-Side Cliffs and  El_Nick9's shop are all works in under construction.
Ferretness89's Farmer's Market (built) will be selling wheat, seeds and other variousl farming supplies
  • NPC
  • now consists of two converted NPC villages.
  • A wall is being constructed around the main city.
  • Justin1243 reports an uncontrolable baby boom has broke out.