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News 2012 Week 18

posted Apr 30, 2012, 12:13 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 28, 2012, 11:36 AM by Félix De Portu ]
Its been quite some time since I wrote a news post.  I've been quite busy and so I apologize for this.  There are quite a few things to announce.  There has been a lot of changes, mostly good ones.

New Residents

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • justin1243
  • cchuck
  • Myskymightfall
  • N4p4lmstrike
  • iLikeBaken
And please welcome back some of our returning players:
  • SupremeOre
  • Nontoxic_Jello
  • Rareifiedcobra
  • Allstarever
  • Jc4400
  • OrionRvr
  • Danteusmaltos
  • aaronla
Bukkit and Crashes

As many of you know, the Bukkit development team is now part or Mojang and they are releasing on time with major releases.  There has been some recent updates coming from the Bukkit team.  They have been having problems and as a result, so have we.  I'm sorry for all the outages and down-time this has caused.  I may need to disable some plugins in the near future to continute to weed out these problems.  One I suspect more so than the others is the Multiverse plugin, which keeps the old world online.  If you haven't already, please get what you need from the old world.

Armageddon Event

The Old world is still online and is accessible from a world gate at 880, 464.  It will take you to the spawn of the old world.  To return from the old world, please visit the Nitheran portal North of old Hellspawn/Old Ravenport.  Nithera is the city overrun with Netherrack and lava.  The portal building is along the old  Archean Railway.


Much of the importing has been done, but I am still accepting requests for imports.  Everyone gets one free import from the old world.  Additional imports are 20 gold per 20x20x60 structure.  

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon have been imported to the desert spawn (-142, 646) along with the the Babylonian warehouse.  More of these buildings will follow with time.

New Cities
  • New Serenity (-2784, 394) has been rebuilt due West of Ravenport.  A rail line links the two cities under the sea and by way of Little Serenity.
  • Archea has expanded into the Archean Empire and now has several provinces.  Archea can be found to the far Southeast of the spawn.
    • Sutherland (2060, 2060) by Mattfu
    • Koi (298, 689) by Mattfu
    • Sher (1792, 1784)
    • Archea  (1552, 2152) 
    • Pirate Cove built by Moose696
  • Exodus (-284,222) was been founded by Nickel9.  It is a desert city Norteast of Ravenport and North of the spawn.  It has a very large man-made canyone in its center.
  • Ravenport (-600, 200) has been reinvented onto a nearby penisula.  The city is now cut into quadrants, organizing it into 4 simple districts.
  • Noname (100,430) has been founded just near spawn.
  • Romulus (-266,1155) is being rebuilt by Dougflournoy East-southeast of Ravenport.  Just follow the bridge from the desert side of Ravenport.
  • Mercantile is looking spectacular due South of Raveport across the bay on the shore
  • Warforge (540, -354) has been founded by  Danteusmaltos and OrionRvr between the War-zone and old-world portal.
  • Tartarus and GoBocce can be found across the Archean seas.
  • Taconia (92, 770) has been founded by AlbinoAwesome on the southeast side of the spawn desert.
  • NPC (-2222,740) is an developed NPC village found Southeast of New Serenity.
  • A railway has been built between New Serenity and Ravenport.  Thanks awdoland and beebee766 for the ride.  It is 1.4 kilometers long.
  • The Archean-RVN Railway extends 4.2 kilometers across the world.  Thanks Stalin_77 for your dedication on this project.
  • A Nether road network has been created that draws all the cities closer together.  Thanks,  Mattfu,  Moose696 and all who build the enclosures.
Plugins and Security
  • Hawkeye and Factions are (and have been) installed on Ravekraft for some time now.  These plugins ensure Ravenkraft the security of the world and a boot for rule-breakers.
  • Bartersigns in installed as of last week.  It is now very easy to make shop.  With this plugin, you can trade your goods with others, even when you are offline.  It does not use money, only bartering (trading items for other items).  You can see examples of this in use in Ravenport's Trade district.
  • I would like to offer up a public Dynmap but am afraid some residents do not want their locations disclosed and equally important is the fact that I cannot efficiently host a dynmap without expecting it to cause performance problems on the server.  Instead, I hope to post a treasure map-styled map on this website very soon so we can all see all the cities on a map.  SupremeOre has volunteered to do this.  Thanks, Supreme, for offering your artistic skills.
Upcoming PVP Event

A very large snowy biome at 754, 89 has been claimed and marked as "Warzone"  This area will be used in an upcoming event war event.  All are welcome to build here.  Once the event starts, this area will be exempt from all griefing and theft rules.  It will be announced when the event starts and ends.  I suggest future participants build strategically.  That is to say, near the outer borders, not the middle of the zone.  The area has water on many sides and is marked with large obsidian towers.  The Warforge faction hopes to cater to the needs of the fighters with their shops.