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Halloween Event / Survey Results

posted Oct 12, 2012, 11:10 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated Oct 12, 2012, 1:03 PM by Félix De Portu ]
Halloween Event FAQ

Who is eligible to build?

A:  All players currently ranked with member status or greater  Please send a request to be added to the white-list.  

How do I join the Halloween Creation server?

A:  This server is running the 1.4 week 41 snapshot at the moment.  To Join, you will need to patch your game and connect to the server running at .  This server will be online here until the event starts.
  1. Open your minecraft folder:
    Windows: go to 'Run' and type %appdata% then press enter and you will see the .minecraft folder, that's the one.
    Mac: go to *Library>ApplicationSupport>Minecraft if you are on Lion Mac your library may appear to be invisible, to find it click the search bar under finder (the line with the little magnifying glass) and press 'shift>command key (the one with apple)>g' then type in '~/Library' and there you will see application support
  2. Open the bin folder.
  3. Locate the minecraft.jar and rename the file to something else like minecraft_14.jar or just  delete it.  You can restore it later by forcing an update in need be.  If modded, it is best to just renamed it as this backsup all your modding.
  4. Download the new minecraft.jar (12w41a) here 
  5. Open your downloads folder and find the new minecraft.jar then drag that into the bin folder (the minecraft.jar MUST be called minecraft.jar not anything else like 'minecraft.jar(2)' or 'minecraft copy.jar')
  6. Launch Minecraft.  Enjoy!
NOTE: To go back to 1.3.2 either force update or drag the original minecraft.jar back in the bin and the 1.4 pre release one out!

Why are we using creative mode?

A: This world will be in adventure mode.  No placed blocks put into this world will be accessible to the players to be abused.  We are using creative mode for the building of the world to allow everyone to decisively create these adventures and do so quickly.  It is a different play style that some prefer.

What should I do?  What should I build?

A:  Anything that fits the Halloween theme.  Haunted houses, creepy bridges, cemeteries.. this goes on and on.  Use your imagination.  If you need inspiration, this folklore site or a google search can help you.  These are both great resources for ideas.  Build individual buildings or a series of them to be used in a quest-line.  We need a library, a tavern and a few houses at the spawn village.  All quests will launch from there.  See the diagram below for an example of how the quest-lines should be done.

How are you going to make the map playable more than once?

A:  We will reset the map every 6-12 hours or so.  Everyone will have the opportunity to play through the map.

What should I give out for rewards?

A:  Nothing that will upset the server economy or destroy it othersise. No Wither heads, diamonds, or tnt, or enchanted diamond tools and armor.  For rare materials (like cracked or chiseled stone-brick), never give out more than 3 in one chest unless it is a end reward chest and then limit to 10.  Try to use one-time use or limited supply resources rather than common building materials.  Please also stay away from most crafted items outside of potions and pre-iron graded tools and armor.  

Good examples: cake, cookies, iron tools, spawn eggs (limited to 5 at once), pumpkin pie, mossy stone brick, dyes, enchanting potions (limit 10 to a small chest, 20 to end reward), written trophy books, saddles (limit 1), emeralds (limit 5 to a small chest, 10 to end reward), records (limit 1), potions (limit 1 per chest)

Bad examples: Cobble, stone, redstone, wood, plants, paper, mine carts, iron ingots, iron blocks, bricks, chests, pistons, or redstone lamps.

Blacklisted (do not use): End portal blocks, bedrock, wither heads, diamonds, diamond blocks, record 2266, TNT, Fire Charges.

If you must give gold, let if be a limited number of gold nuggets such as 1-3.  Make the rewards challenging to get.  


An Example instanced adventure world and quest-line way-point diagram.  Multiple persons can work on separate or interchanging story-lines depending your desired  level of group participation.

T = Tavern
L = Library
S = Spawn
Player Survey Results

1. How do you like to play Minecraft? (you can select multiple choices)

Build machines (grinders, redstone, rail systems) [Engineer]:   62.5%     10/16
Build cities and invite people to them. [Leader]:                       31.3%     5/16
Keep to myself and build whatever I want. [Wanderer]:             68.8%     11/16
Play against the environment (survival.) [Survivalist]:                56.3%      9/16
Build in group projects. [Team Builder]:                                  75.0%     12/16
Duel with other players (PvP) [Gladiator]:                               12.5%      2/16
Participate in a "real" dynamic economy [Shopkeep]               56.3%     9/16
Mine materials for resale or personal user [Collector]               75.0%     12/16
Other : nothing useful was submitted under the other category 18.7%     3/16

Noteworthy: "I do my own thing" is the same as "Keep to myself and build whatever I want." LOL.

2. What difficulty setting would you like Ravenkraft to play on once all the serious player-killing bugs have been fixed?

Easy  : ______                            12.5%  2/16

Normal: _________________________________ 81.2%  13/16

Hard  : ___                               6.25%  1/16

3. What do you think of the Ranks system proposed on the news post?

I like it.  Lets do this! : _____________ 100%   16/16
I don't like it           :               0%     0/16

4.  Criticisms and Feedback:
  • Haven't been on in a while, the new post got me interested again :)
  • Next to your nice picture/chart of how the new roles and ranks are organized and how they progress, the text is next to impossible to read. 
          - fixed - click on the picture to see zoomed view for low resolution displays.
  • Summarized:  I have concerns about the economy.  There is not a lot to buy in the shops.  Can we introduce a currency system to get keep better track of the trade values?

    - There are a few different ways to sell items: a trade plot in RVN and Bartersigns, The Auction House in RVN, merchant-required delivery services, honor system chest shops, and spot trading.  
    - The reason for this last post and all the industrialization is to restimulate the economy.  It has been in a rut, but all the new players and renewed interest in shops should drive the economy forward, but it requires shopkeepers and suppliers.  This is why we will now be giving rewards and ranks to people that fulfill these roles. This new rewards and ranks system is currently being tested but you can see what we have so far in the help section on the website.
    - Monetary systems have a way of being used and abused.  With a barter-based economy, the players have control over the economy and everything has value.  This includes the Merchants Guild, which still needs to be officially founded so that fair, standard base prices can be established and make it easier to open a shop.
  • just superb job Wiz, so glad I joined..
  • you're too damn nice =) 
  • None at this time, but I will be watching you! :)


An Example instanced adventure world and quest-line way-point diagram.  Multiple persons can work on separate or interchanging story-lines depending your desired  level of group participation.

T = Tavern
L = Library
S = Spawn