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World Migration

posted Mar 6, 2012, 9:56 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
Survey Results: 

Total Votes: 36

Migration and Event

We will be doing imports upon an brand new world assisted by the Armageddon Event when available.  Since the votes were so close, this makes the most sense.  Most everyone can get a little bit of what they want.  The old world will be made available throughout the future also using a mutiverse plugin.  You will be able to travel back and forth via server gates located at the spawn of each world.  

The Bartersigns plugin will not transfer and, as such, signs will need to be taken down and moved to the new server.  

Everyone will get to port over one building from the old world for free.  Additional buildings will cost, gold mostly.  Those without gold can hunt for tokens.  The purpose of using gold for this is to help re balance gold's value in our current world economy.  Previous events and world imports have diminished the apparent value of gold due to its quantity.  This will also force most of us to only bring what is most valuable and most important to each of us.  

When craftbukkit updates AND all the necessary plugins update, the worlds will be linked and the arrmaggedon event will start.  You will find these tokens (little gray squares, item ID 34) in random locations hidden throughout the world.  I will give hints as to where these tokens can be found when the event starts.  After all, a survival server should be fun and challenging. ;)

Please email me with the details of the buildings you would like ported and provide the appropriate payment for each in the chest with your name on it in ravine mine in New Ravenport.  There is a mine shaft available near the blinking beacon.  Also, please be specific about how far below the surface the building includes, details the outer boundaries, etc.  The coordinates for New Ravenport are x: -600, z: 300.   Bring a boat,  be safe and good luck.

Here are the payment denominations:

1 token = 1 building approx 20x20x60 (24000 blocks)
20 gold ingots = 1 building approx 20x20x60 (24000 blocks)

The New World

The new world is already available to senior and trusted residents on an alternate port.  

It is ok to start building portals but please be courteous of nearby portal networks.