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Weekly News 12/12/11

posted Dec 12, 2011, 9:54 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
Survey Results

Last week I posted a survey to help me to determine when to close residency, get a feel for the motivations of our current active group and get some feedback from everyone.  If you still want to add your two cents, you can still do so here.  Thanks to everyone who filled this out!  It helps me more than you know.  Here are the results so far:
  • Waiting for the Recommended Build?  Yes: 19% (3/6), No: 81% (13/16) 
  • Population -- Prefer Small : 6% (1/17), Prefer Active & Populated: 82% (14/17), Overall Maximum=35: 6% (1/17)Large: 0%, Indifferent: 6% (1/17)
  • Community -- Solo: 29% (5/17), With friends: 41% (7/17), Want to meet new people: 70% (12/17), Start a community: 41% (7/17)
  • Interests -- Mining: 65% (11/17), Farming: 53% (9/17), Building: 94% (16/17), Trade: 65% (11/17), Transportation: 59% (10/17), Exploration: 59% (10/17), Adventure: 59% (10/17), Hunting: 41% (7/17), PvP: 12% (2/17), Circuits & Machines: 41% (7/17), Potion Making: 29% (5/17), Enchanting: 35% (6/15), Mod/Op: 41.2% (7/17), Artistic Expression: 6% (1/17), Other: Fun =)
I got a bunch of positive feedback.  Again, thanks and I do try to offer some extra care with my server that others seem to lack.  I want you guys to be here.  You are all awesome too :) 

I got two request for teleporting so I will address that right here. There are three reasons we don't have teleport features like /home and /warp: A. Its a survival server, B. Excessive teleporting cause lag and C. Other transportation such as roads, rail and waterways would be pointless.  The indented (vanilla) game model includes the consumption of resources to be used on these things.  As is clear from the survey, most of us want to build.  Why would we want to give any reason not to build a functional rail system, for example?

One mentioned unbreakable spawn structures.  Every server has a spawn chunk like this.  It is able to be modified only by Ops in order to combat against spawn-griefing on all servers.  This is a vanilla feature.  We do have a spawn chunk, but its empty due to my choice in the spot for the new Hellspawn.  We should consider ideas for its usage.  Let me know and we can work on it together.

New Moderator

Up until now, we have two other mods, Ajentsp02 and AntBurrito.  These guys are my real-life freinds and I trust their ability to make fair choices for everyone.  Unfortunately for me, they haven't been overly active in Minecraft and as many of you can probably tell, I need some help.  Part of the purpose of the survey was to find all who is interested in being a moderator.  

I have chosen OrionRvr due to his willingness to help, his online availability and mostly because he displays a high tendency towards fairness and understanding of the principals that make this server what it is.  The server rules were once rather loosely defined and they have been tidied up a bit so we can all be clear about what is and is not covered.

I have other people in mind, but I only want to bring on one mod at a time.  To those of you who previously expressed interest in this role, just know that I haven't forgotten you.  We will revisit in time.

Hellspawn Updates


There are a lot of dark spots in town and one of my goals is to make the area within the wall 100% mob proof.  Please put up torches for now, including roofs.  When more glowstone is available, street lamps will go up.

The city wall is and its guard towers are still in progress.  I put that project on hold to work on the transit system. A search for a slime chunk has begun outside the gate in the residential district with the help of ChewiestMonky.  You can see a strip mine out there.  We will try not impose on the town's inner territory.


The city's rail system is now open.  I'm not sure it will ever be "done" but it will take you from each side of the city to the other and to the station.  From the station, you can travel to Serenity and Nitheria.  I have yet to create the substation for that junction, but it is usable if you know how to kick start on a booster rail.

Industry & Aesthetics

I myself live in a not-so-pretty industrial city in the Midwest.  Big towns need industry to function properly, but does it have to be done without style?  In real life, this is the unfortunate reality, but here on our world we can make it look however we want.  I've always wanted the city of Hellspawn to look nice, which is why I came up with its zone and building guidelines.  The rules may seem overly strict, but its how we are doing city planning.  Some do not want to be restricted by rules, and those people can start their own city, join another or build anywhere in the wilderness.  These are not server rules.  I would just like to ask that these new industrial building follow the same guidelines outside of town as well as inside.  I would love to see huge fields of wheat, melons or pumpkin patches like one might expect outside any city or town.  If you are going to farm indoors, a greenhouse or underground (invisible) structure is probably the best way to go.

City Commerce

Shops are now open in several locations in the Trade district with the use of the BarterSigns plugin.  My wood shop has an expanded inventory.  Orion is selling potions in his shop and tmosoni will soon be opening a wool shop.  Let me know if want me to plug your shop in the motd (message of the day) or one of these news updates.  Of course, you can always post in the message board as well.

Serenity Opens

Beebee766 has started a new settlment to the northeast of Hellspawn.  For more information, you can read about it on the message boards here.  Currently the northern rail line from Hellspawn lead directly to Serenity.

Craftbukkit RB Coming Soon

EvilSeph of the CraftBukkit team has announced that a Recommended Build should be coming out tonight (GMT).  This means that we will soon have the factions plugin and some much needed updates to some plugins we are running now.  As many of you are aware, we have been having some memory leaks lately that are causing rollback crashes,  With a careful eye, I can catch these before they happen, but the point is that they should not happen at all.  The RB and updated plugins  will likely fix this.  The plugins will no be updated by thier respective authors which could take a few more days but we are close to having a much more stable server in the coming days.  Rest assured, I still run daily backups so there is no fear of losing more than a day's work in the unlikely event of a corrupted map.