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Chat Organization

posted Dec 22, 2011, 7:36 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:20 AM by Félix De Portu ]
As our server population has reached a rather comfortable level, others have noticed the chat scrolling along rather fast and when coupled along with the chat spam from factions and bartersigns, its rather easy to miss someone. I've been thinking of a few different ways we could solve this problem and I wanted to discuss with everyone so maybe we could reduce this problem.

I do not wish to curb healthy, oftentimes necessary communication, but I would like to enforce the usage of the faction and alliance chat rooms.  This will limit what you say to those rooms as opposed to when public chat is used and all can see.  The only caveat is that when talking in Faction chat, its possible to forget that other factions are unable to see it what you type.  To toggle between the different chat modes, use /f c . For those wondering, Alliance chat is for factions that band together using /f ally.

When talking to just one person, especially for an extended conversation, try to use PMs.    This is not required, but it is courteous for any lengthy conversation. The command for this is /msg recipient message,  /pm recipient message,  or  /tell recipient message.  After a conversation is started, you can use /r to reply.  This also doubles as a "pm again" .  i.e.: "/tell jimbo8 hiya" followed by "/r how's it goin?" would send both messages to jimbo8 without the need to type the name twice. 

There are time when someone is cussing and yelling just to be yelling, likely just to be heard.  I used to do this (years ago) when I was in high school.  I quickly learned, simply put, that "no one want to hear that crap"  especially in an online forum where it is inconveniencing others and not contributing to the conversation.  I'll refer to this as spam. I'm not saying don't do it at all, just don't spread 3 words across 3 lines of text.  Once again, not against the rules, just a wonderful bit of courtesy.

On weekends or when I'm working on a group project, I try to get on the teamspeak 2 server that I host at home.  My connections could probably easily handle 10 people on it.  I will post the address within the server, but it could definitely help curb the chatter when there are many people online.  Everyone is welcome to use it.

I have considered other plugins for reorganizing the chat, but none are likely compatible with Factions chat.  We would likely have to disable Factions chat in favor of something else.  IRC integration is one possibility but I've looked into and I would have to pay the hosting.  I'm not really in a position to do this.  I'd host at home, but I'm already hosting a few different mc-related services there.

Please acknowledge that you read this post by replying to this thread. Optional, but a great way for me to know this post was read.

Have great day everyone.