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Thievery, Security & Other News

posted Nov 28, 2011, 10:03 AM by Derek S   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
Over the weekend, there was a lot of activity.  Lots of awesome new people joined and started building, others were the victims of theft.  Oddly, its not any new members that were responsible for the thefts that occured in Hellspawn and near Safehaven.  After some comprehensive research into the hawkeye logs, I was able to tell that someone was logging in from an alternate location and used the accounts of some of our Edinbro residents to execute these thefts.  It turns out that someone knew those passwords and was trying to get the account banned for some kind of personal revenge. That IP has been banned, passwords have been changed and those residents have been unbanned.  I was also able to track down the stolen goods.  Each was stashed in buried chests, one near Hellspawn and the other near Edinbro.  I returned the belongings to the owners.

Please do not share your passwords with others.  In the future, you will be responsible for actions carried out on you account.  Please keep your login credentials private.  It is also wise to use a good password, not the kind an idiot would have on his luggage. :)

Craftbukkit and Mods

I am still waiting on an RB (Recommended Build) for Craftbukkit before we install factions, which we will use for organization and protection primarily.  I am hoping we can do it with factions alone.  It offers chest protection via plot ownership.  If not, I will install LWC, but because of how many residents we have in total, I will have to limit the amount of locks everyone has.  I could install a mySQL service for doing this, but that would require more server memory.  I am looking into a fundraising solution to this problem.  I will not ever require donations, however.  In the mean time, I have been updating the Bukkit nightly development builds because they have some pretty important fixes (like doors.)  I am hopeful that the Bukkit team will release very soon.  We will never have an excessive number of mods.  Right now the only one we have that affect users is MapClone.  In the future this will expand to Factions and BarterSigns.

Town News

Hellspawn is expanding rapidly, and while I haven't taken a lot of time to mark the residential plots with signs like I had intended, it is still going rather well.  Thanks for all the great additions to the land.  Hopefully, we can all agree and work together.

Archea is holding a contest for new residents.  Please see the details in this Message Board post.

Irontown's old buildings have been imported just across the river from Hellspawn.  It may seem close, but it is more of a suburb to our capital city.  Its residents are ciaflayed1 and Ajentsp02 for the moment.  As of the time of this writing, it is not safe at night, so please be careful if you choose to look around.  None of the plots on that island are available for claim at this time.

Edinbro is still expanding, but as far as I know, not taking new residents at this time.  They have designed the First Bank of RavenKraft, described in detail here.  More info coming soon.

Don't Scar the Landscape

Rule #2 details the no griefing rule as it is specified on our server.  Griefing means everything described here.  The most literal definition of the word is "to cause grief".  There are many forms of griefing, but one of the more subtle forms is in the form of crude, or simple ugly structures.  For example, Most of us do not wish to see permanent dirt pillars or bridges.  If you use these for scouting, please take them down before you are done.  If you need to create a beacon, I just ask that you make look nice.  Designing them as ruins or towers is a simple way to do this without using too much time or resources.