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032 Results So Far

posted Oct 21, 2011, 9:11 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated Nov 14, 2011, 1:08 PM by Félix De Portu ]
Thus far, we have had only 7 results on the survey.  I'm hoping that over the weekend, we can get some good feedback from the majority of the group.  I will post the results again after the weekend.  If there was one time where someone was actually reading your online survey answers, this is it.  I am really trying to use this to do a little of what everyone wants (which is really quite difficult since no one can agree).  The message board would really be a good place to have ongoing conversations about things that.

Before I go over these results, I would like to mention that this server is advertised as "mostly vanilla" and many that came here did so for that reason. Many of us want to play the game as it was designed.  The devs and testers spend a lot of time balancing the game in vanilla.  If you start changing the game, it can (and often does) become unbalanced and loses what makes it fun.   I, myself and not against plugins, but I have two major concerns regarding them:  First, plugins use additional memory (Not much, depending, but this adds up.)  Memory shortages means less player capacity and and more lag.   Second, I like plugins that can use game mechanics, rather than the command-driven alternatives.  A recipe for cloning a map is a perfect example of this and in no way, unbalances the game.

Voice Chat preference:
TeamSpeak: 85.7%
Ventrillo: 28.6%
Never Used Either: 14.3%
Chat Only: 0%

Search for a Voice Chat Host
Yes, 1 possible so far

IRC Chat Integration
Yes: 28.6%
No: 71.4%
I'd like to emphasize that this would not affect those not using it.  It is a separate program.

None: 14.3%
Towny: 71.4%
PreciousStones: 14.3%
EasyProtect: 0%
LWC: 42.9%
A factions plugin (which also provides protection): 14.3%

The Message Board
Could be useful: 57.1%
Good not having to share my email address: 14.3%
Haven't looked: 42.9%
I hate forums: 14.3%
There is a message board?: 42.9%

Additional Feedback
4 requests for teleportation, three of which were for gate-based teleports
1 request for a factions plugin
1 advocating the use of PreciousStones
1 advocating specifically AGAINST LWC (it does, after all, spam the chat)
1 specifically advocating the use of Towny
1 request for an economy plugin

I would like to say a few things in response that will hopefully allow for some agreement in future conversations and polls.

Teleportation was requested by several people in the poll and it obviously deserves some deliberation.  I, myself am against /warp and /home features.  They are great tools for griefers, they cause lag and really take away from the game as a whole.  Here is an example of what I mean by this:  right now, we plan to build railways, roads, water routes and bridges.  Other than for aesthetics, why would we do any of that if you could teleport anywhere all the time?  However, I would not be opposed to a limited number of Wormhole gates placed at select locations.  I say limited because too many will kill other transportation networks and cause as much lag as /warp and /home would.

Towny itself is a factions plugin, splitting us up into different towns and those towns into separate nations. I would be curious to the know what the name of the one being requested is.  PreciousStones sounds like it might be cool for more of a chaotic PVP-centric world.

I have spoken to a few people about money and at least 3 of them have told me they are not in favor of it.  To me, iConomy means another plugin and another database (and more lag).  In any system, the reasons to upgrade from bartering to currency involve complexity and necessity.  Right now, our system IS bartering.  Minecraft isn't that complex and we have too few people for money to really make sense.  If our server ever gets to the point where we NEED currency, then we shall revisit this.  On a similar note, admin shops (infinite shops) tend to break game balance by spawning things that are supposed to be rare, common.  

If you have not done so already, please take the poll and help me decide the future of our server.

And remember, if you would like to discuss any of these things with others, right now the best place to do so is going to be the message board.  I mean, its not like you can scroll up in the in-game chat and read old messages. :P