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New World

posted Nov 23, 2011, 9:02 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:20 AM by Félix De Portu ]
A few things I should mention to all:

The rules explicitly say "no hacks" and that such will get you banned.  As opposed to popular belief, there are ways to know if someone is X-raying.  Please don't be that guy. 

I know a lot of people have setup temporary shelters here and there while waiting for a place to build their house.  I'd like to remind everyone that cobble/dirt/whatever pillars are considered by many to be a form of griefing.  If you build one to scout out the area, just take it down when your done.  If you make it out of sand, this can be done easily by placing a torch on the bottom.  

Hellspawn Architecture
I am currently working on Hellspawn, trying to get the groundwork laid out.  Its taking me a while between all the real life stuff, imports and teleport requests.  There is a town board near the farms that lays out the towns rules, build guidlines and mission.  I didnt have alot of room on the sign, but the full bit is posted here.  I would really like our town to look nice and rival some of the others.  This being said, cobblestone houses look terrible.  I use cobble mainly for roads, because cobblestone roads makes sense.  But a house made of all one material with no windows is just an eyesore.  If we build ugly buildings, Hellspawn will not be a trade center that I wanted it to be.  Instead, it will become a ghost town and I will just found another town somewhere else.  Please consider this when you build.  Take a look at these for reference and inspiration.

Community Farms
In Hellspawn, we have started a few community farms.  Please do not kill the animals without working the farm some.  You should put into it equal to what you get out.  While technically, you can leave only two of each animal alive to continue the farm, I suggest a minimum of three or four simply because of the time it takes to ramp up the population again.  Also because they can die on their own (for some reason).

Invalid Server Key
I have found a fix for this "invalid server key" error that we all keep getting. This jar file was modified by me. To use it, just deleted your minecraft jar file and replace it with this one.  Here are some step-by-step instructions for Windows users:
  1. Press the windows key () and the 'R' key together to bring up the Run Prompt.
  2. Type '%appdata%' into the run prompt and press enter.  This will open the Application Data or equivalent folder on your computer.
  3. Open the '.minecraft' folder.  Then open the 'bin' folder.
  4. Find 'minecraft.jar'.  It may be labeled as just 'minecraft' , but described as a JAR file.
  5. Delete (or backup/rename) 'minecraft.jar'.
  6. Download this file and move it to this folder, replacing the one that was just deleted.
How to find minecraft.jar on a Mac:
    1. Open
    2. Click “Go” in menubar
    3. Then choose “Go to folder…”
    4. Type in “~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/bin” (without quotes)
If anything goes wrong, just delete the entire 'bin' folder and the game will automatically re-download the entire folder the next time you try to run it.