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News 2012 Week 8

posted Feb 24, 2012, 8:15 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

We have had a flux of new applicants this week.  Most are friends of existing residents and I hate to turn away freinds.  However, I will be be unable to add anyone else until after 1.2 releases.  The reason for this is because I know many residents are currently inactive and after the update, we may find ourselves hurting for open slots.  I really should not have accepted as many as I did (especially considering that residency is closed) but if past experience means anything, we will be just fine.

Please welcome all our new residents!
  • goldenfyre
  • BigHuck4
  • PunjabiPower 
  • theboss75
  • Kingregicon
  • nikrippen123
  • Goldfenix
Rule #1 - Land Claim and Property -- some more detail...

There has been a few concerns as to the respect for land inhabited by other residents recently:

Within the nether, if you see an area with large walls of vines filling a chamber, please try to keep the area intact.  Used properly, it is an secure staging area for TMosconi and Annala.  They have asked that others notice it and respect their area.

Tartarus Inferi is the land mass directly south of Babel at the spawn.  It is marked with large ominous fire-people statues.  This area belongs to Player5687, jcul1215, reptilefndr eculbertsone and aculbertson.  Please do not build here without permission.  I know the proximity to spawn is confusing, but we may relocate the spawn point in the near future to correct this if needed.

Minecraft 1.2 Update Coming Soon -- Important Information -- please read!

Minecraft will update in the next week or two to version 1.2.  There has been much discussion over how our world will integrate the new terrain generation features.  Rest assured, we have a few ideas on how this will work, but we will not just jump straight to 1.2 with the new update.  We will have to wait for a updated, recommended craftbukkit release to ensure security.  Namely, the uninterrupted use of the Bartersigns, Hawkeye and Factions plugins.  These plugins are crucial for making Ravenkraft safe and keeping accountability.

For this reason, please do NOT update your client when the update occurs.  Like before, I will have downgrade instructions available for those who did not get this message.

New Builds
  • The Great Lighthouse of Alexandria in TAR.
  • An airport and landing Strip in Archea
  • Aeris - floating islands created by superduck23
The City of Ravenport Trade Rejuvenation Project -- status update
  • Rezoning - Abandoned or multipurposed plots have been cleared or moved.  Most have been replaced with a sign plot marker.  Residential plots are available for RVM members and Trade plots are labeled as Embassy Trade or Trade along with a price.  Embassy plots are available to members of foreign factions.  Members of the transportation group (/f bypass users) are allowed to purchase non-Embassy trade plots as well.
  • Building Guidlines have been updated on the Ravenport page.  The most important rule is  NO UGLY NOOB-BOX BUILDINGS! - please build your buildings to be more than flat-walled cubes.  I know that new people don't quite know how to build yet, but I have created a solution for this: new residents will be asked to build thier first house in Lower Ravenport, the area to the north-east of town.  This district is coming soon.  Those with existing buildings who cannot build within the recommended guidelines will be asked to move to Lower Ravenport until it is "brought up to code."
  • District Labels - Signs are now posted throughout the city to help you find your way.
  • Wizard's Wood'n Things - Now accepting dirt for payment.
  • New Shop Ideas
    • a nether goods store
    • a machines shop (selling redstone, pistons and repeaters, etc) - started by Nickel9
    • an adventure shop (selling beds, tools, buckets and cobblestone) 
    • a rare goods shop (selling End stone, mossy, glowstone, cracked brick and mossy stonebrick) and even 
    • another building materials stores (stone, stonebrick, nether brick, cobblestone, glass)