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News 2012 Week 7

posted Feb 17, 2012, 7:44 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

    Kayo01, welcome to our world and welcome back mbslayer and SupremeOre.

Arena Battles Event

Beebee, Jekyell and SupremeOre have constructed an Arena near the Serenity rail station.  We will be holding our first arena event this coming Sunday (Feb 19) around 5:00 PM GMT (11:00 AM CST)  Note:  This has been moved from Saturday to Sunday.  If you plan to attend, please post a reply to the message board here.

Here is how I plan to organize the matches:  It will be tournament style.  Players will start with noting but a stone sword, but as they start to win matches, they will earn tokens that can be cashed in for upgrades.  The winner of the tournament will get a prize, likely some enchanted armor.

I encourage everyone attending to setup Teamspeak 3 as it will be impossible to organize and announce the events over chat alone.

Trade Rejuvenation Project

The City of Hellspawn is no longer the central trading hub it was designed to be.  There are several reasons for this:  shops popping up in other, more active parts of the world, alternate economic systems, and the changing value of gold within our world.  Here are some solutions I propose to solving this problem:
  • Rename Hellspawn - Not the friendliest of names to choose for the central trade hub.  I was thinking Ravenport.
  • Rezoning - I have been saying for a long time that I wanted to build city buildings in the center of Hellspawn.  Upon further thought, I think this would be a waste of valuable land.  Instead, the area will be sectioned off and sold publicly.  There will be no more 1 plot per resident, 1 plot per foreign city.  Everyone will be allowed to purchase and build on a plot.  Old, unused structures will be torn down and re-purposed.  
  • District Labels - Signs on each corner pointing to each district or to individual shops.  I will begin working on these this weekend.
  • Bartering - The BarterSigns are a neat plugin that has really helped shape our world, but I am afraid we are not using them to their full potential.  A seldom-used feature of the signs is to accept multiple forms of payment for sign.  The gold standard provides an additional purpose for gold, but it doesn't circulate the same way that real money does.  If each shop accepted alternative forms of currency such as redstone, coal, nuggets or iron, the market would likely flourish.  To add an additional payment option, follow the exact same steps in adding a form of payment.  The plugin will keep track of each separately.
  • Shop Specialization - To create a equally memorable and useful shop, you will need to market it correctly.  Pick a focus, a specialization.  We have a wood shop, a gardening shop, a blacksmith, a wool shop and like 7 general goods stores.  Having one or two general goods stores would be just fine, but to have so many all offering slightly different things with little distinction in the naming is bland and not good if you want to be remembered.
We need :
    • a food shop (that sells almost exclusively food and with a name indicating this)
    • a nether goods store
    • a machines shop (selling redstone, pistons and repeaters, etc)
    • an adventure shop (selling beds, tools, buckets and cobblestone) 
    • a rare goods shop (selling End stone, mossy, glowstone, cracked brick and mossy stonebrick) and even 
    • another building materials stores (stone, stonebrick, nether brick, cobblestone, glass)  
To have a shop that only sells 3 or four main things is better than you think.  It will help you keep you shop stocked, it will make it more memorable (return customers) and it will make it easier to give your shop an appropriate name.

Domain Services

This week, I have rebuilt almost my entire domain.  My domain controller, my router and my fileserver have all been refreshed.  The Teamspeak 3 server has been migrated to a more permanent home and file uploads using Teamspeak are now enabled for idea sharing.  My daily backups are once again back online but I will soon be changing the backup software in favor of something that uses less bandwidth and runs faster.