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News 2012 Week 6

posted Feb 9, 2012, 1:09 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents

    Please welcome our new server residents:
    • doubledontknow
    • naraga
Marketplace Info

"Who Sells What" index has been updated to include some items that were missed originally in Annala's shop.  Please send additional updates to  The listing is available under the Documentation. menu.

  • The Hanging Gardens group project is about 60% completed.  Still remaining is the interior designs and the garden arrangements.  The surrounding city and wall will likely be a ongoing work-in-progress.
  • Fort Hamtaktouken is expanding into the Town of Hamtaktouken by the Hamster brothers.  A HUGE cathedral is being erected there on the Serenity line.  A Must see!

There has been a few changes to the Moderator Staff:
  • Chewiestmonky has requested and been approved for a moderator position.  He is very familiar with running servers and I trust him to make fair decisions.  Please welcome and congratulate him.  I am glad to have him as part of the team.
  • AntBurrito has returned to the server and has volunteered to help out as well.  Ant is a good RL friend of mine and we have similar opinions about how the server should be run.  I know most of you are not familiar with him as it has been a while, but he was with us before under a different IGN.  Please welcome his also.
Factions Claim Rule
I will be appending a new rule to the server soon.  We should not use factions to claim territory in the Nether.  It is rather dangerous to to this, keeping others from being able to get around and hide from enemies.  There are multiple vertical levels in many places in the nether and since Factions claims whole chunks, from top to bottom, this could cause additional conflicts.  It is OK to mark certain areas as your own with signs or whatever, but it is probably best to keep your valuables through a nearby overworld portal  or well hidden.  Also please keep in mind that because of the nether-to-overworld "crunch" areas allocated in the nether are bigger by a factor of 8x2.  I.e.: an area that is 16x16 in the nether cooresponds to an area that is 128x128 in the overworld.

Mattfu has been appointed as the Portal Transportation Coordinator for over a month now and will ultimately have final say over portal positioning in the case of a conflict.  He is quite familiar with portal mechanics and is good person for the role.