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News 2012 Week 5

posted Feb 3, 2012, 7:01 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents
  • Please welcome to all our new residents:
    • SnowHamster
    • mahlererik
    • SpringHamster1
    • ViktorBreezeway
    • RyanReowne
Marketplace Info
Server Communication

A new Teamspeak 3 server is up and running at  Full details and instructions are available under the server documentation.  

Notifications of logons to the voice server are enable via the BukkitSpeak plugin.  

Hanging Gardens Build Event

There has been significant progress on the group build.  Beebee776, Mattfu, ChewiestMonky, catherineyoung, Stalin_77, tmosconi, Nickel9, Goldsword44 and awdolan have all been significant contributors to the project.  

The terraforming is largely done..  The main structure is is laid out, a sandstone basin has been constructed and support columns setup to support the second and third tiers. The water system has just recently been started. For all that haven't, you should come check it out.  Its quite a sight.  There is still much work to be done and we are always looking for helping hands.  Mattfu estimates the gardens themselves are at about 40% completion.  The Babylonian village has been started nearby.  Future projects will bring us the Tower of Babel and the Ishtar gate.

Initial organizational information is available here. Signup and offline talk thread available here.

The tentative plan for group building is Saturdays and Sundays at around 4PM GMT (10AM CST)   We are in need of lilypads for anyone wanting to dontate materials.

  • A pirate ship has been build off the frozen Hellspawn coast.  Thanks Moose696, cool build.
  • Nickel9 has complete the Church of the Pine Tree in Archea.
  • Player5687 has extended Tartarus Inferni with collection of shops and buildings soon to be open for business.
  • Fort Hamtaktouken has been build along the Hellspawn-Serenity Rail Line.  Built by SnowHamster.
  • Ferretness89 has resumed work on the Globe House, also on the Hellspawn-Serenity Rail Line.
  • Nitheria is undergoing major renovations and will be a fully-functional city complete with shopping.
  • The Hellspawn-Nitheria-Archea Rail Line is in need of a proper connection to Hellspawn.  
  • A rail line has been constructed between Stalingrad and Serenity.
  • The monorail between Hellspawn and the Orkz Factions is almost completed.
  • The Hellpspawn inner city rail line has been extend to South Side Cliffs.  
  • Lordnine's Merchant's Guild is having a sale on powered Rail in Hellspawn.
  • Player5876 is currently selling wool in Tartarus Inferi's shopping district.