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News 2012 Week 3

posted Jan 20, 2012, 9:08 AM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents
  • Welcome newbies:
    • smoovbiscuit
    • fugazi19
    • Enniware
    • GummyDummy
    • DarkRifter
    • sgtlonestar91 
Marketplace Info
  • "Who Sells What"Beebee766 has created a spreadsheet of all the shops in Hellspawn.  It can be found under Documentation > Marketplace Info on the main page.  This document is made available this way by way of Google Docs.  All types of Google documents can be embedded directly into this website because it itself is powered by Google Sites.  The same is true to pictures.  
  • Base Market Values chart coming soon
Server Communication

All along I have used Twitter to broadcast short message and have embedded a feed into the main page for it.  I'm not sure how many people actually use this feed, however.  More recently, I have signed up for Google Plus and just this week added a "Follow me on Google Plus" button on the website's sidebar.  Many more are part of my G+ circle than Twitter and so I will likely be using that a lot more (though I wish I could just sync the two).  Please fill out this ONE question survey to help me decide where I should prioritize these messages.

Upcoming Event

I would like to host a group build event on the server.  We need ideas for a large project that many would/could participate in without worrying so much about creative differences.  Please put your ideas into this thread.  I will announce When and what next week. 
 Lets find a use for all this wool we keep producing.
Picture Gallery

As many may have noticed there is a rather empty and outdated picture gallery here on the website.  I would like to compile a list of sites-to-be-seen in our world here.  If anyone would like to share screenshot of anything scenic or noteworthy, please email me the pics and I will upload them to the online album using Google Picasa.

Craftbukkit Update
The craftbukkit RB has not yet been released but the development build currently in use seems to be working just fine.  I will update to the RB as soon as the team releases it.

Database Update
The MySQL server that is being used for the action logging plugin has been migrated and this will hopefully reduce some of the lag issues we have been experiencing.  This will also make the logging system itself significantly faster and will log data more consistently.

  • The new tree farm is about 50% complete and will make wood very available in the near future.
  • General_Jak's Archaeological Digs plot is still up for sale.  Now seeking someone to carry on with his fantastic idea.  The idea behind this project was to pay others to assist in an organized mining and building effort, creating dungeons and creating adventures for others.  
  • Nitheria is undergoing major renovations and will be a fully-functional city complete with shopping.
  • The rail line between Hellspawn and the spawn point is underway.  Soon people at the spawn will have fast travel to the center of Hellspawn.
  • A rail line has been constructed between Stalingrad and Serenity.
  • A rail line between Hellpspawn and the WAAGH faction continues.
  • Lordnine's Merchant's Guild is now open and selling Iron.  Will soon be selling glass, sand and snow blocks.
  • AznSushi11 is opening a shop in Hellspawn.
  • Player5876 is currently working on a shopping district in Tartarus Inferi.
  • Nitheria will open shops in the near future.