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News 2012 Week 2

posted Jan 12, 2012, 8:50 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents
  • A warm welcome to our new residents:
    • kylie1432
    • Jekyell
    • Boshedagh
    • Kaboos258
Craftbukkit Update

Earlier today, a poll was made available to all server residents about how to proceed with the new update.  I did this because there is now a lot more to lose than we had on November 18 with the fresh world but I wanted it to be a group decision.  The previous update, Minecraft 1.0 was a huge update and to not make it available would have been a major disappointment to all.  

Some of the details of this new update are exciting, but nothing like we anticipated before.  The biggest problem with the way I handled the update today was that people would update by default, not thinking they were locking themselves out, and then be unable to access the server because they were no longer running the correct version.  I know that some of us are still having that problem even as I write this.  Likely tomorrow, Craftbukkit will update and all will be able to connect.  Until that time, those having problems can downgrade using instructions that posted earlier today.  Sorry to all that this inconvenienced.  For me to have gone with the plain, unprotected base game (vanilla) could have lead to cheating, theft and griefing with no accountability or repercussions.  I'd like to think this would not have happened, but its better to be safe than sorry

For those interested, 16 votes were cast.  Here are the results:

1. Would you like Ravenkraft to run vanilla 1.1 until there is a Craftbukkit RB?
Yes (No protection Mods, No Logging)
No, I'd prefer to will wait for a Bukkit release.
Territory Dispute in Shalendor

I don't know exactly what happened with the claiming of amalkin's space but the problem was his reaction to the misunderstanding.  He burned his way out and then continued to burn other people's houses because of his frustration.  He reacted to the problem with a tantrum, one that violated the rules.  He admitted to greifing so there was nothing I needed to prove after that.  You don't seem like the type of person to act that way, so i doubt you should worry.  SABC was not the aggressor.  Not that it should have been neccesary, but Amalkin's problem could have been avoided by the use of the Factions plugin...and a little understanding and patience.

  • The City of Shalendor has undergone major construction, now with a city wall.  The Main districts are contained within a developed canyon in the heart of the city.
  • General_Jak's Archaeological Digs plot is up for sale.  Now seeking someone to carry on with his fantastic idea.
  • The rail line between Shalendor and Hellspawn is now functional.  Full 2-way functionality coming soon.
  • Dougflournoy3 has started a rail line far south of Hellspawn.  It will utilize some of the same track as the Shalendor and Spawn rail routes. (Also spawn-HS route coming soon :)
  • GILxTURTLE16's Potion and Blacksmith shop has reopened with adjusted prices.
  • Annala's shop has expanded stock into the basement.  Now selling Spider eyes, string, gunpowder and more.