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News 2012 Week 1

posted Jan 3, 2012, 6:17 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:19 AM by Félix De Portu ]
New Residents
  • I would like to welcome our newest Residents to the server
    • Akadoshin
    • CoopJR99 
    • Nickel9 
    • Lordnine
    • AznSushi11
    • Bluesfan725 
Server Event
  • The Christmas world and associated End world go offline today.  The Token shop will be torn down tomorrow.  Spend all your excess tokens now.
  • Beebee766 has started work on the a theme/fun park at Serenity - The first ride is up already.  Anyone is invited to contribute rides to the park.  Please see beebee766 for more details.
  • Work on the Hellspawn city Walls has restarted.  Thank you superduck23 for your contributions.
  • The City of Shalendor has been founded by DanteusMaltous and Orionrvr.
  • Work continues on the public railways.  Dual-tracks have been started.  This thread details the progress.
  • Moose696 has constructed a high-speed rail to Archea in the Archean embassy of Hellspawn.
  • Mattfu has been appointed Portal Transportation Coordinator.  Portals and nether-road construction to Nithera, Archea, and the Janerian ruins has begun.  Please speak with Mattfu before constructing or modifying new portals anywhere near populated places.  Not doing so may disrupt established routes.
  • Goldsword44 has begun a large crater excavation project and is constructing a freight line to Hellspawn to transport and sell the goods.
  • Jak's Archaeological Digs has opened in the Trade District.  See his stand for details.  Get paid for helping.  See General_Jak for details.
  • mbslayer has opened MB's Magic House in Hellspawn.  Now selling Ender pearls.
  • Barginmart in Hellspawn by Sundast_the_2nd sells cheap enchants and food.  *now offering free cake to new patrons.
  • Alexwakawaka's Goods R' Us  selling Foods and other misc, goods in Hellspawn.
  • The Serenity Embassy is now selling Lapis blocks, map kits, slime balls and snow blocks.
  • JIRM and DerpyDoo's shop is now selling Pine Logs, Soup and Clay.
  • Ducks Menagerie of Miscellaneous Materials is now selling glass, glowstone blocks, netherwart, blaze rods, Flint, and bone meal.
  • Chewistmonky is now selling glowstone, pistons, sand, slimeballs, TNT, bookshelves, stonebricks, cobblestone, mossy, iron and gold.