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1.2 Migration Options

posted Feb 29, 2012, 11:35 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:20 AM by Félix De Portu ]
Ok, there are a lot of different ways we can handle the 1.2 Update.  Here, I will describe each and give everyone the opportunity to cast a vote for each.  I will list the pros and cons of each option.

Option 1: Plant a Jungle -- no cats :(

This option would mean keeping the existing map version 1.1.   The only jungle we would have would be planted by us using jungle saplings.  These jungles would likely not have the  tile shading (like swamps do now) and would very likely not spawn ocelots.  Additionally, we could link to a new world that does have jungle biomes (or is a giant jungle), but you would still not be able to bring cats back through portals.  I expect if we do this, many will get bored with the lack on the new content and quit the server in search of one that does provide it.

Option 2: Convert to a 1.2 map -- jagged on edges of new map :(

In order to make jungles possible in our existing world without planting them, I would have to manually change the map-type in the world file and then new generated map could then spawn jungles.  The disadvantages to this option are however quite extensive as this would mean on the edge between the new and old generated terrain would be huge, unnatural sheer cliffs and the terrain shading for existing terrain would be changed: completely random and wrong.  It would look terrible to be honest with you.  This option is listed here more so to express why its not as simple as one might think.  I have experience with these migrations.  I've done several.

Option 3: Start over with a new world from scratch -- no imports

Not much explanation necessary here.  The disadvantages are obviously that all would lose their creations and materials. The advantages are (no so clearly that) it would give everyone back the original intended thrill of vanilla, survival Minecraft.  That is, surviving the night, getting started and playing "naturally".  It would be a totally vanilla start.  Some will welcome this and so I'm listing it as an option.

Option 4: A new world supplemented by imports (same as previous major updates)

This is basically what we've done in the past.  When the new version is available with Bukkit support, I would create a new world and import personal inventories, and buildings upon request.  The disadvantage for this option is the sheer number of import requests I expect to get.  This new world is by-far the most developed of all I have started.  There would be at least a solid week of exports and imports.  

Option 5: Armageddon Event -- migration using portals, building vouchers and adventure challenges.

The best way I can figure to get all of the new content, keep all the old work, not be overwhelmed and keep it interesting is with a combination of ideas I've been formulating in my head for the last week or so.  I don't want to ruin the potential story but here are the important bits:
  • Announce, rather soon, that there is an impending disaster (meteor storm, zombie apocalypse, alien invasion or whatever) and that all need to prepare for an evacuation.
  • Vouchers (like the tokens from the Christmas event) would be attainable through various methods.  These vouchers could be cashed in for building import/exports, explained away as a sort of mad scientists' shrink-ray.  Structures (buidings, caverns, sky-islands, etc) of all types could be saved to files and loaded back into the world once a new location is selected by the voucher holder.  This forces organization and make it manageable for me and the mods participating.  Orders could be filled using the Courier plugin.  The "shrink-ray" i.e.: cut/paste removes the possibility for players to (accidentally or on-purpose) duplicate their goods (copy/paste.)
  • Announce an evacuation location so that players can setup secured storage camps (using Factions) and start preparing for the evacuation.  This would mean that informed, prepared players would have an advantage if the difficultly were to be increased by an end-of-the-world scenario (as one might expect).  This also gives opportunity for more teamwork and and faction melding.
  • When Bukkit is updated, a portal would be made available at the evacuation site. (I think we should build a spaceship all Civ/Alpha Centauri style :)  Players would be allowed to transit back and forth, allowing ample time to find new build sites and transport goods.  The portal would stay open linking both worlds together for at least a month, possible longer depending on how well it goes.
Please cast your vote on which methods would work for you.  In this survey, you can choose more than one option.  Feel free to do so.