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Migration FAQ

posted Mar 14, 2012, 2:43 PM by A. Wizard   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:20 AM by Félix De Portu ]
There has probably been some unspoken criticisms about my plans on the server as of late and I wanted to explain myself a bit. I'd like to try to explain some of the decisions I have made so that everyone better understands why things are being done the way they are.

What is happening between the Bukkit team and Mojang?

The Bukkit team has joined Mojang.  In future builds of the Minecraft server package, the bukkit team will be providing the API for modders will use.  However, it will no longer be called Bukkit and all current plugins will need to be re-coded for use in this alternative modding system.  This is causing a problem for server owners because some plugin authors are not updating for Bukkit.  Rather, they are either taking their time or  waiting for the new modding engine.  They won't have to start from scratch, but it is a lot of work for something that is going to be obsolete within a month or two.

Why is it taking so long to migrate?

The recommended build for Craftbukkit has not been released yet.  But more specifically, the integration of Bukkit into vanilla Minecraft will cause delays also. Many plugins are not being updated because the bukkit versions will soon be obsolete.  We will be unable to use the exact same plugins as we did previously.  I have found quite a few alternatives and am trying to do this in such a way that will impact the users/residents least.  I need to have enough plugins to actually execute the migration/armageddon event.  This means logging tools, worldedit, and multiworld portals.

Why can't we continue to use our developed 1.1 world?

When jungles were first announced, I started looking into plugins that would allow us to create our own.  With some experimentation, we found quickly that there is no good way to do this.  Biome definition is ingrained into the world seed and the server has to be tricked into interpreting one biome as another.  Without client modding, its not even 100% possible because the clients are responsible for tile shading and other features.  It turned out that Biomed, the plugin that I used for this, had begun corrupting our world generation.  We promptly stopped using it.

The other alternative was to create another world where jungles were possible or maybe even plentiful.  Of course this is still a second world and would require a multiworld portal plugin.  I had read recently that 1.1 and 1.2 world generation would be kept separate and selectable by server admins but it turns out this is untrue.  As such, we must move forward with the new world generation or be subject to Option 2 - Jagged chunk generation.  Almost no one wanted this, as our survey was clear to show us. 

The old world will remain available as a secondary world in the future, though it may not be convenient for someone to play there.  During the event, the old world will be made dangerous.  We will very likely use it for future events (such as Easter).

What do you mean by Armageddon Event?  What will happen?

It supposed to be a surprise, really, but what we are able to do for the event will depend on which plugins are available at the time.  As I've said, many plugin authors are behind due to the many many changes in 1.2.  During the event, those that want their things will have a few options for migration.  They can travel by foot and haul their items or pay for a building migration.  Everyone gets their first building ported for free.   The event will last as long as it takes to finish the migration.  It should be a lot of fun.

Do I have to start over with the new world?

If you want to, you have the option.  Alternatively, if you want to get your things from the other world, you will be able to quest out during the event and find it.   

What does Vanilla mean?

Vanilla means plain and unchanged.  No mods: pure minecraft.

Why was I not white-listed on the 1.2 vanilla world?

I have limited logging in a Vanilla world.  I couldn't take many chances and only players that had been around and active for some time were asked to come to the new world.  Sorry if anyone felt left out but there is no accountability and I don't really want to play any guessing game theft researching because I was super-nice and super-naive.

Why haven't you responded to my email?

I've been holding off on replying to migration-related email ever since my last announcement.  If it is just details about where to move things, i son't respond until i start to work on them.

What were the results of the difficulty poll?

71% of 14 voted to remain at normal difficulty.

Why not cut out entire cities for the imports?
(From: "I think u shuld cut the cities and place them in random places but give the coords on the website.")

Cities don't normally just cut out.  Everything needs to line up and "fit" into place.  Also, exporting 200,000+ blocks at a time will crash the server.  This could be very bad as it could corrupt or crash as server with low memory like ours.  A City the size of Archea had to be taken out in 12 different pieces and lines up during the export process the last time around.  It is a very time consuming process.  You could export a city, but it would cost as it would be taken in many 20x20x60 size pieces.