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Ravenport is the old world's capital city.  Its primary function is to serve as a home to new residents and provide a central trading hub.  It is the home of RavenTrade faction, the server's only declared peaceful faction.

The city has no taxes.  Instead, we simply hold each player to a set of of rules and guidelines.  If someone does not want to be subject to these rules, then they should find another place to call home.  There is nothing keeping any of us from starting our own town and/or faction.  The world is vast.

Mayor: wizardofire
Assistant Mayor: < open position >

Faction: RavenTrade, LLC

  • Wizard's Shop of Wood'n Stuff
  • tmosconi's Quality Wool
    • 32 wool of any color ... 1g
  • Sheer Elegance by Annala
    • leaves, paper, books, food, etc
  • GilXTurtle16's Potion & Blacksmith
  • ALexwakawaka's Goods R' Us
    • food and minerals
  • Math_dude's Shop of Misc Goods
    • redstone, obsidian
  • Tartrus Inferi Embassy
  • Ducks Menagerie of Misc Materials
    •  glowstone, netherwart, blaze
  • Chewiestmonky's
    • glowstone, pistons, sand, slimeballs, TNT, mossy.

    this section needs to be updated
  • ChewiestMonky
  • Blackrapture88
  • Boeing77FLY
  • JIRM321
  • superduck23
  • DerpyDoo
  • Alexwakawaka
  • tmosconi
  • Annala
  • wizardofire
  • GilXturtle16
  • Jprotegy
  • math_dude
  • Flapjack8796
  • DerpyDoo
  • Ironmars
  • Beamn3
  • DCGeist
  • AznSushi11
  • General_jak
  • Sundast_the_2nd

Zoning Guide

R - residential
T - trade / commerce
TH - town hall
SQ - town square
C - church
J - jail
E - embassy
CH - courthouse
G - guard tower
F - farm
empty chunks are TBD by city planner.

green - roads
orange - zone labels
red - city wall


Please speak with Mattfu before constructing or modifying new portals anywhere near populated places.  Not doing so may disrupt established routes.

Stalin_77, beebee766, and wizardofire are the appointed transportation committee authorized to work on the city of Hellspawn rail system.

Each resident will get one plot for a home.  These plots will be anywhere from 13x16 in size to 16x24 depending on the plot arrangement.

Trade plots are sold by the mayor and price will be determined per per plot.  Plots granted and claimed by other factions need not to overlap onto the roads to avoid factions chat-spam.   For this reason, most of these "embassy" plots will be in their own district, currently on the south side if the trade district.

To keep the city looking nice, there are some guidelines that should be maintained by residents.  You'll notice that there are not harsh requirements.  It is important the at the city look good if we want our city (and server) to grow.
  • New residents will be allowed to build thier houses in lower residential district.  If the building is acceptable, a plot will be granted in town
  • Buildings should be contained within the plot barrier, often marked by gravel or wood.  These materials are a gift to the new resident and can be harvested and taken.
  • Buildings should not exceed four stories above the ground unless with good reason (such as a tower.)  
  • A buildings's exterior should be made out of at least two different materials.  I.e.:  cobble/planks/glass, logs/planks/glass, brick/wood roof/glass, etc.
  • If you would like others from different factions to be able to enter your buildings, use levers, switches and pressure plates to allow them access.  Factions does not allow the use of just doors by other factions.  This is important if you want other's to use your shops.
  • Please do not build under or over other's plots or public land.  Ownership of each plot goes to the bottom of the map.  Use all of it if you wish.
  • The only industry permitted in town is Slime hunting, small-scale food-based agriculture and mining on/within one's own land.  Tree farming must be done outside town and you are expected to replant trees, especially if they are commonly used for farming.
  • Just as in town, industrial buildings should not be an eyesore.  Please build with a little style.  Industrial buildings are not subject to the "traditional style" limitation that is set in town.
  • Barter signs should be limited to the inside of the buildings and outside signs should be kept to a minimum.