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The Bank of Bros

To all residents of Ravenkraft,

a new epoch is upon us. With the release of Minecraft version 1.9, another release is barreling down the runway. The Bank of Bros is opening up in Edinbro. This bank will allow you to set up a free bank account. Interest can be earned depending on the quality and quantity of items. We have a spreadsheet that calculates your interest, but this will not be shared to prevent copycats. The interest will be paid in gold bars. Furthermore, one can loan items from the bank as well. These items will be withdrawn from the bank accounts, but will be returned in quality time.

Bank Slots

Opening a bank account with BoB:
  1. Speak to either Eijki or myself (ccg94) to open a bank account. Bank accounts are limited, but we are continually adding more as the business comes.
  2. You may deposit any time you like if any of the managers or operators of the bank are online.
  3. If you are withdrawing an item and it is not there, you may receive a free loan or, if also impossible, you will have to wait a day. We will cancel the loan and give you your item(s).
  4. Bank slots can be purchased out from anyone who has been using the slot for longer than 2 weeks for a price which is yet to be set.

  1. Interest is compounded weekly.
  2. Higher item quality leads to higher interest rates (i.e. 2 gold bars per week if filled with cobblestone, 10 gold bars per week if filled with wood, or 1 stack of gold bars per week if filled with redstone ore)
  3. The interest rate and the amount of items in the bank slot are multiplied to find the total amount of interest earned per week. (if you catch my drift)
  4. Any items removed before the end of the week (Sunday) are not included in the weekly interest. 
  5. Any gold bars earned through interest are also subject to interest.

  1. A record will be kept of anyone applying for loans. Anyone without a record will only be able to withdraw very little. If repaid in a timely fashion, that player's "credit score" will go up, allowing that player to loan more items.
  2. An item of similar value must be left behind for the first 3 loans.
  3. The cost to loan items is measured in day increments. Loaning something for 3 days will cost three times as much as loaning for 1 day.
  4. Days round up. 4 days and 2 hours will round up to 5 days. If you desperately want to repay your loan, you may contact me on facebook or skype ( skype: caron.schaller). Do not use the excuse that I was not there to take back your loaned items.
  5. If you cannot get the items back, which you loaned from us, you may use any of the shops in spawn city to sell your stuff and purchase the items you loaned. The money lost in this transaction is not our business. 
  6. Anyone who does not pay back the loan with the money owed due to the loan, is subject to prosecution and is eternally banned from the bank, unless the loan cost is paid back in double.
  7. Loans taken out by players who have bank slots can choose not to pay in cash when returning the loan. The cost can be directly transferred to the bank account and the items removed will be discussed with the player.

So hold on to your hats and get ready to tip them when the Bank of Bros opens on soon. Remember, first come, first serve!

ccg94 and Eijki