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City of the Bros

 Officials Shops Residents
 ccg94 (mayor) Bank of Bros ccg94
 Eijki (CEotFR/TC) NetlikeX's Shop Eijki
 NetlikeX (Sheriff) duchuynh9's Chicken Coop NetlikeX

Faction:        Bro
Coordinates:  x: 70 z: -520

We are a close-knit group of a few players who know each other. Newcomers who would like to join our democratic town and participate in our fledgling, but growing political agenda are always welcome and a happy sight. We have lots of plots open for houses to be built. The industrial/trade district also has much space left for new entrepreneurs.

Benefits of being a resident of Edinbro
  1. Free transportation in the Edinbro subway system and the intercity express to Hellspawn.
  2. Lots of public services, including lamp construction, road paving, city expansion, defense against attackers, and griefing protection.
  3. A 10% higher interest rate on items in a bank vault.
  4. Free usage of our farms upon agreeing to replace any trees with saplings and feeding livestock after harvest/slaughter. This includes duchuynh9's chicken farm.

Rules, Guidelines and Politics
  • Public officials
    • A public official may be voted out of office and/or sacked for wrongdoings or mistakes.
    • After a certain time, a new public official may be voted into office to replace the old one.
    • Public officials receive a room in the town hall and have access to taxes collected by the CEotFR/TC. Items retrieved must be logged, however, and may only be used for the benefit of the city. Purposely failing to do so will result in removal from the position and a day in jail.
  • Jail
    • The jail is the time-out room. The Sheriff is a police officer and jailer. A resident who breaks a rule will be forced to go there or face exile. If told to enter the jail, the lawbreaker can not exit until the sentence has passed. Not going to jail on one's own accord will lead to a removal from the faction.
  • Taxes
    • Taxes are to be paid every Sunday evening. They are to be placed inside the mailbox that you will be supplied with. This mailbox will only be accessible by the plot owner and the Tax Collector

Public Official Explanation
  • Mayor: The mayor makes town decisions after deciding on things with his/her officials and advisers. The mayor represents the town and has the last word on allowing a player into the town, but can not pardon residents that have been jailed or exiled.
  • CEotFR/TC: The Chief Executive of the Federal Reserve/Tax Collector is the head of the Bank of Bros in Edinbro and also handles taxes. He/She collects these taxes from the personal plot mailboxes made out for this reason every Sunday evening. The tax collector may report residents to the Jailer if a player that was active that week has failed to pay taxes.
  • Sheriff: This official takes care of disputes around the city, acts as general, and works as Edinbro's jailer. He/she may remove residents from the faction without consulting with the mayor.

Every resident must pay taxes weekly. These must be in the personal plot mailboxes on Sunday evening at 17:00 GMT. 

Residential taxes are as follows:
  1. 2 stacks of cobblestone
  2. 1 stack of wooden planks
  3. 10 iron ingots
  4. 5 gold ingots
  5. 20 coal
Additional house plot costs weekly:
  1. 32 cobblestone
  2. 5 iron ingots
Shop costs weekly:
  1. 5 iron ingots
  2. 5 gold ingots
Bank charges weekly:
  1. 10 gold ingots

A normal resident with 1 house and no shop will only have to pay the regular residential taxes. A resident with 2 houses must pay the second house charge. Shop owners must also pay extra. 
These numbers are all test values for now and are nowhere close to being final. Complaints may be filed with ccg94 or on the message board.

Edinbro City Blueprint:
  • B: Bank
  • G: Trees and shit (Garden)
  • TS: Town square
  • TH: Town hall
  • MC: McDonalds
  • LS: NetlikeX's Shop
  • GH: AlexV93's house
  • LH: NetlikeX's House
  • TRA: Train station
  • Jail: Jail
  • MH: Emikle180499's house
  • EM: Magic Mushrooms