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Ravenport is a trade-focused city located only 700 blocks from the spawn at around x: -600, z: 300.  Its primary function is to serve as a home to new ravenkraft members and provide a central trading hub.  It is the home of RVN faction.  

Mayor: wizardofire
Assistant Mayors: Chewiestmonky

Associated/Allied Factions: SABC, ArchEmp, Mercantile

The city has no taxes.  Instead, trade plots are sold and each builder is held to a set of of rules and building guidelines.  Housing plots are free to all Ravenkrafters.  Access to the Upper RVN residential district is granted upon approval of first residence.

  • The Midgardr Market - themed  new   rare items variety  WAR food 

    selling TNT, dispensers, fire charges, golden apples, flowers, sugar cane, wheat, mushrooms, pumpkins, mycelium, all wood types, grass, brick, bookshelves, melon slice, saplings, and nether brick, brick, snow blocks and enchanted items (to order).

    Grimfang's Farm & Food Supply - themed  new  well stocked  food  

    sells diamond tools, fishing rods, seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, fence, saplings, raw fish, raw beef, and bread

    Hydralisk's Bottle of Potions - themed  new    potions  food 

    selling Potions of all variety

    Rosaely's Odds n' Ends - themed  new  rare items  WAR!

    sells mycelium, spider eyes, saddles, fire charges, gold discs, slimeballs, blze rods. snow blocks and ghast tears.

    Huck's Shop - themed  new  rare items  Gold

    sells nether wart, blaze robs, mushrooms, ghast tears, gold, iron, mycelium, snow blocks, dirt and cobble.

    Albino's Sea Shanty - themed  new  variety WAR food 

    selling TNT, dispensers, caulrons, all wood types, fences, brick, note blocks, buttons, pressure plates, levers, melon slice, saplings, and wool

    Elysium Emporium - themed  new  stylish well stocked  variety  food  WAR

    sells bows, arrows, mushrooms, bones, bone meal, seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, nether wart, melon slices, pumpkins, wheat, sugar cane, cactus, tall grass, saplings, vines, ferns, lily pads, leaves and flowers

    SABC - Everything Rail kept stocked   great prices  themed  
     buttons, rail, minecarts, levers, powered rail, detector rail, redstone torches, and torches.

    NPC Shop (needs a sign) - kept stocked   WAR

    sells records and iron tools and armor on the cheap

    Twink's Shop - rate items  variety   great prices

    soul sand, netherrack, nether fence, nether wart, glowstone, nether brick, sandstone, glass, sand, brick, brick stairs, stone, mossy/cracked/regular  brick, cake, watermelon, pumpkins, m`uchrooms, potions, end stone

    Flapjack and JC's Shop - diamonds   competitive prices  kept stocked  food  variety 

    selling all wool colors, bookshelves, lapis, diamonds, end stone, obsidian,  brick, wheat, bread, bone, tools, and arrows.

    Hunter's Skeleton Shop - stylish themed  well stocked  WAR

    sells arrows, bones, fishing rods and bows

    Uncommon Splendor (Mercantile) - stylish themed

    selling paintings, nether brick, glowstone, nether fence, obsidian, sand, blue wool, and enchanting tables

    Wizard's Wood 'N Things - themed  kept stocked 

    selling all wood types, glass, sandstone, sand, fence, leave, stone and stonebrick

    Chewiestmonky's Shop (needs a sign) - themed  kept stocked 

    selling all wool colors and slimeballs

    Mattfu's Shop of Things - stylish kept stocked 
    you don't need but are probably going to buy anyway because you can

    sells blaze rods and white wool

    Nickel9's Push 'N Pull Redstone Shop - themed  stylish gold 

    sells buttons, pressure plates, levers, redstone, repeaters, redstone torches, and pistons coming soon!

    Coryn02's Shop of Survival Services - themed  food 

    sells arrows, chicken, wheat, & cake

    Jekyell's Adventure Shop - themed 

    sells saddles, beds, torches, coal and buckets

    Alexwakawaka's Shop  gold  variety food 

    sells redstone, lapis, iron, gold, white wool, glowstone, golden apple, cake, apple, bread, sugar cane and glass panes. 

    Duck's Emporium - stylish

    sells glowstone, bones, fishing rods and bows

    Dark Brotherhood Mercanies (not up to building code) WAR

    mercenary service and theft retrieval

    Journeyman's Bounty -  stylish

    not yet stocked :/

  • ChewiestMonky
  • MySkyMightFall
  • Alexwakawaka
  • wizardofire
  • GilXturtle16
  • Nickel9
  • ferretness89
  • TheFluffyBunny
  • Coryn
  • Epic1stPerson
  • cchuck
  • CJMAN321
  • ILikeBaken
  • Boeing77FLY

Ravenport Zone Map

To keep the city looking nice, there are some guidelines that should be maintained by all builders.  You'll notice that there are not harsh requirements.  It is important the at the city look good if we want our city (and server) to grow.

  • Buildings should be limited to the plot marker, marked with gravel or wood (This boundary includes the marker itself).  These materials are a gift to the new resident and can be harvested and taken.
  • Buildings should not exceed five stories above the ground unless with good reason (such as a tower.)  
  • A buildings's exterior should be made out of at least three different materials.  I.e.:  cobble/planks/glass, logs/planks/glass, brick/wood roof/glass, etc.
  • If you would like others from different factions to be able to enter your buildings, use levers, switches and pressure plates to allow them access.  Factions does not allow the use of just doors by other factions.  This is important if you want other's to use your shops.
  • Please do not build under or over other's plots or public land.  This includes roads, walls, and parks.  Ownership of each plot goes to the bottom of the map.  Use all of it if you wish.
  • To build an industrial building, please speak with the town mayor before building.  A plot appropriate for the project size will be allotted.
  • Industrial structures are permitted within Ravenport with the following rules:
    • Redstone contraptions on a clock must have a start/stop feature.
    • Tree farming should be done toward the outskirts of town.
    • Mining should not be done under an owned plot.
    • Slime hunting and mining is permitted underground.
    • Farming should be done in the zone labeled Agricultural.
  • Just as in town, industrial buildings should not be an eyesore.  Please build with style in mind.
  • Barter signs should be limited to the inside of the buildings and outside signs should be kept to a minimum.
  • Do not build shops in other's buildings without permission.
  • Try to sell a set of goods that fits a theme.  I.e: redstone items, food, building materials, raw materials, natural items, nether goods, etc.  This will make your shop more identifiable an memorable to your customers.  General stores are allowed, but prove to be difficult to maintain.

Each resident will be required to build a house in lower Ravenport before being permitted to build one in Upper Ravenport.  This is a quality control measure for the town.  Upper Ravenport will be held to higher building standards.  Plots in Lower Ravenport will be around one chunk (16x16) while houses in upper RVN will be give an area 32x20, enough space for a house and yard/garden, etc.

All of Lower Ravenport area will be converted to grass.   Once plots are defined, anyone wanting to get started is free to do so.  Feel free to terraform your plot to grass and take the sand and sandstone for yourself.  For this reason, the city should have plenty of glass and sandstone to offer to the local economy.

Trade plots are sold by the mayor and price will be determined per per plot.  Plots granted and claimed by other factions need not overlap onto the roads to avoid factions conflicts.   

Please speak with Mattfu before constructing or modifying new portals anywhere near populated places.  Not doing so may disrupt established routes.

Wizardofire, Chewiestmonky, Antburrito, Stalin_77 and beebee766 are are authorized to work on the city of Ravenport's rail system.
Félix De Portu,
Mar 16, 2012, 1:52 PM
Félix De Portu,
Mar 16, 2012, 1:22 PM
Félix De Portu,
Mar 16, 2012, 1:22 PM