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We iz Da Orkz!!
Da Orkz:
GrimfangskarkeefWarBoss (Leader)
Ciaflayed1 - Nob (Officer)
Apothic150 - Nob / FleetBoss (Officer)
Cookiemann0 - Grot (Recruit)
Ork Rulez:
1)  A Grot must gather resources and build a dwelling alone, before he earns a promotion.  He will be afforded temporary housing in the Harbor Tower while he builds his first House.  He may gather his resources from Ork owned lands.
2)  Once the dwelling has been approved by the Warboss or a Nob, the Grot gets promoted to a Boy.
3)  Boyz have access to Ork resources, but MUST help out with Ork projects.  And replace what they use.
4)  Boyz are expected to provide resources of whatever type necessary into the collective storage chests (whatever's low).
5)  ALL ORKZ are responsible for repairing any damage they do to the land, OR is done by mobs around them.
6)  Boyz are only promoted to Nob after they have proven they can follow the rules AND have worked well within the Ork Kulture.
7)  All Nobz will vote on a Boyz promotion, but the Warboss has the final say.

GorkaMorka (under construction)

Da Ork Story:
    The Orks, also called Greenskins, are a savage, warlike, green-skinned race of humanoids that are spread all across the Milky Way Galaxy.  They are seen by their enemies (pretty much everyone else in the galaxy) as savage, warlike, and crude, but they are the most successful species in the whole galaxy, outnumbering possibly every other intelligent race, even Mankind.  However, this massive population of Orks is split into hundreds of tiny empires, often warring between themselves.  It has been speculated that were the Orks ever to unite as a single racial entity, they would undoubtedly crush any opposition that would dare to stand against such a tsunami of green muscle.  Luckily, the Orks enjoy killing each other every bit as much as they savor shedding the blood of the galaxy's other peoples.
    Orks lack individual psychic power.  However, they do have a sort of collaborative, collective psychic ability, meaning that if enough Orks believe something is true, then it will actually become so, brought into power by their gestalt psychic ability.  For example, Ork rockets painted yellow create bigger explosions, simply because the vast majority of Orks think they do.  This is also why much of the Orks' seemingly ramshackle technology will do terrible damage in the hands of Orks, but will cease to function when used by other races. 
    The Ork language literally has no word for "diplomacy"; they solve almost all of their disputes by fighting.  Indeed, many intelligent races believe that violence itself is a language amongst the Orks, since they use pain and brutality to get their points across to each other.  Orks are not very intelligent or clever, and they even label the use of strategy and fleeing from battle as 'un-Orky'. 
    Orks are green-skinned and red-blooded, a side effect of their symbiotic physiological and genetic relationship with fungi.  Orks are genetically engineered for combat, and quite efficiently so.  They are extremely strong, and their squat bodies can withstand immense punishment.  Unlike humans, though, Orks are quite capable of being beheaded, having the head sewn onto a different body, and surviving the experience to fight again. 
    Orks grow all through their lives; the effect is particularly notable in successful Orks.  As the Ork survives combats and wins trophies, the respect of other Orks will produce in him an effect somewhat similar to adolescence in the human male: He puts on muscle, becomes more aggressive and assertive, and generally throws his weight around.  If he wins the ensuing challenges to single combat, he may become a Nob, a leader or chieftain of Orks, noticeably larger and tougher than the average Greenskin.  Once he begins to grow, an Ork will generally keep getting bigger and stronger until he is beaten by a bigger or more cunning Ork.  Warbosses and Warlords, the rulers of continents and Orkoid empires respectively, are very large Orks indeed.  
    Orks actually consist of two symbiotic organisms that have been genetically linked by their original creators: one comparable to a terrestrial animal and the other to an algae or fungus living within the former's bloodstream and skin.  An Ork's animal cells carry the genetic information of only the individual's Orkoid subspecies, but the alga has genetic information for all the varieties of Orkoid, as well as the different Oddboyz, and it helps to heal wounds by providing greater biochemical energy supplies when necessary.  Ork biology lends itself well to combat: they are extraordinarily strong and tough and are naturally good fighters, always looking for a scrap. 
    Orks have not only survived, they have prospered and are more numerous than even the myriad trillions of individuals who comprise humanity.  This is due in part to how they reproduce; Orks release fungal spores, which grow into a plant-like womb underground that nourishes the bodies of the various Orkoid species.  This is the entire basis of the Orkoid ecosystem, producing first Squigs, then Snotlings who cultivate the Squigs and the fungus they feed on, then Gretchin to build the settlements, and finally the Orks themselves.  This means the Orks, wherever they go, will have an abundance of food, slaves and other resources, a moving Orkoid ecosystem that supports them as they go on their Waaaghs! 
    This also makes it extremely difficult to rid a planet of Orks, even if the initial invasion is defeated. Orks release spores throughout their lives, but release them massively at the moment of death. Without a nearby population of Orks, the fungus will eventually start the Orkoid life cycle anew. Decades after weathering an Ork Waaagh! , settlements on a planet can find themselves faced with an unexpected attack from feral Ork tribes coming out of the wilderness.
    The Gretchin (Grots) are the Orks' slaves. Small, grasping, green creatures with the overall demeanor of a whipped dog, Gretchin are at the wrong end of everything, including the food chain.  Gretchin are used to clear minefields, distract the enemy in combat, and assist Boyz.
GorkaMorka History:
    Aeons ago a Space Hulk filled with Orks on a WAAAGH!! (a huge Ork invasion) crashed into Angelis plowing a massive canyon, "Da Skid", and devastating the world's ecosystem. The Orks, a race who can survive just about any catastrophe, promptly decided that this wasn't the WAAAGH!! and resolved to find a way off-world as quickly as possible. They turned to their Mekboyz (Ork technicians, engineers, mechanics and the closest thing they have to scientists) for aid, who set the other Orks to work gathering up wreckage from the crash. Construction began on a huge machine, although what it was going to do differed depending on the ideas of the individual Mekboy.

The lack of unity in the construction and the machine's resemblance to a religious idol led to conflict amongst the Ork population. A religious schism occurred and factions formed based around whether believers felt the idol was of the Ork god Gork or Mork. The resulting violence destroyed the entire machine, forcing the Meks to broker an unsteady peace between the warring sides. From then on the machine would be known as Gorkamorka, at least until the day of completion.