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NPC Members
NPC Leader
- Justin1243
NPC Mods
- Wycratius
- AnUnHappyPickle
NPC Residents
- TheFluffyBunny
- LilRapBoy54
- RexisFern
- firehawk19
- GalacticMagmar
- TheCheeseToasty
- TheWanderingFool
 NPC Rules
 #1 - Server Rules apply.
#2 - Respect the NPC's and Iron Golem's.
#3 - Respect eachother's homes and belongings.
#5 Ask before entering someones home. (No Trespassing).
#4 - If your wandering around ANY NPC town when you are not invited or allowed, you will be asked why and if you do not respond (unless AFK) or if you are causing trouble, you can be killed on sight. (Your belongings will be returned).
#5 - When building your home, your height limit is 100, and as low as 35 seeing as how the mines are from 30 down we dont want mines interfering with homes. (NO Dirt, gravel, netherrack houses please).
#6 - You may build a garden or hedge outside of your plot limit as long as it does not go past the lights. (3 blocks past border). 
#7 - Your name must be visible somewhere on your house for people to see.
#8 - NO personal animal farms.
#9 - If you wish to join NPC you must be on the survival world for a minimum or two months, If you have a personal friend who is in NPC that time is reduced to a month.
#10 - If you have a friend who joins and they cause trouble you can be held responsible as well.
#11 - Harvesting farms. If you Harvest you Replant.
 Prank Wars Rules 
#1 - No stealing.
#2 - No breaking buildings or destroying land.
#3 - No lava, TNT or Fire.
#4 - Have fun and be a good sport.
#5 - You can not prank back until you have bin pranked by that person.
#6 - No moving of valuables or personal belongings.
Punishment for breaking rules-
#1 - Killed, bed broken and forced to walk back.
#2 - Everything taken away from you and put in an obsidian cube for however long seems fit to whatever crime. (no longer then 30 min) BUT to limit people from AFKing you will be given a stack of gravel, and when your time is up you must have a stack of flint. more gravel can be added for serious crimes. (these punishments may also apply to the rules of NPC).