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Under construction
Midgardr Rules:
  1. Creeper damage will be repaired by the person who caused it.
  •     If resources are not available, then a trade in gold, iron or other valuables will be charged.

  • If you are unable to build because you are a visitor, leave a chest and sign in the nether entrance with the damage, coords, and your name.

    2. If you remove common items from chests, (ie. Wood) it is expected that you replenish it at a later date.

    3. Items in individual houses are off limits - unless you have express permission from the owner.

Everything else is pretty much common sense, follow the server rules

How to join Midgardr:

Speak to WondrousWally or LupaPup, building trials may be enforced.

Territories of Midgardr:

Midgard: Main village of Midgardr, was established in a snow biome. Farms and other necessities are here.
  • Tree farm
  • Animal barns
  • Gardens
  • Extensive mineshaft
  • Villager housing
  • Plots available.
  • Skeleton spawner
  • 2 separate mob grinders
  • Entrance into main nether stronghold

Troich: Built within the caverns of a great mountain, built to provide the rest of the realm with stone, and other mined goods.
  • Zombie Spawner
  • Cobblestone baler
  • Extensive mineshafts
  • Central rail hub for Midgardr

Adalstienn: Started off as a formal settlement which was raided, plundered, until the island was abandoned. (NPC take over!) Rebuilding on the island a new territory was established starting with Midgardrs first citadel to over look the island.
  • Cave systems
  • Beautiful natural view, landscape has not been altered for buildings.
  • Citadel

Prices and items will be added later

The Market:

1st floor

2nd floor

1st basement